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Canaletto @ Las Vegas

Canaletto in The Venetian lets you dine in the piazza in lively St. Mark’s Square, with modern, authentic Italian fare accompanied by live music and a lively ambiance.

To recreate the city’s landmarks – as well as its charm – artists, architects, and experts conducted extensive research in Venice to ensure that every last detail of The Venetian Resort was faithful to the original.

Ceiling painting

To achieve that goal, authentic materials were imported and talented artisans commissioned to bring Venice to Las Vegas. The frescoes that adorn the ceilings were hand painted by Italian artists.

Venetian canal

The 25-foot-high columns that line the main colonnade are solid Botticino marble. And the three-dimensional pattern on the floor in the colonnade was hand fitted with Italian marble to perfectly replicate the floor of the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario.

Faux St Marco Piazzo

Even if they never go outside, The Venetian’s three million annual visitors can catch a glimpse of blue sky by looking up at the trompe l’oeil ceiling. Sky Art Karen Kristin of Cortez, Colorado, used 250 gallons of water-based acrylic paint to create the 105,000-square-foot faux sky. The ambient lighting on St. Mark’s Square may cause meat dishes to appear more overcooked.

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Complement your meal with a variety of fresh breads baked throughout the day at nearby bakery at Il Fornaio

Antipasti – Carpaccio con Ruchetta

Carpaccio con Ruchetta

Thinly sliced raw beef, wild arugula, capers, Grana Padano and lemon olive oil dressing

A dish of thinly sliced raw Piemonte beef under a mountain of fresh arugula & capers with shaved Grana Padano kicked ass. The raw beef came apart easily and the flavour profile was excellent.

Dalla Risotteria Mazzon – Sant’erasmo


Risotto with shrimp, dungeness crab and baby artichokes

Risotto made with carnaroli rice imported from Italy using recipe from Chef Mazzon’s risotto restaurant. Super creamy goodness with perfectly cooked, juicy shrimp. The crab and artichoke aren’t as plentiful or pronounced, but you’ll love this dish for the perfectly cooked risotto.

Dolce Trio / Dessert Sampler

Dolce Trio

Dessert sampler of Tortino al Limone, Tiramisù and Cannoli Siciliani with a scoop of vanilla gelato

The Treviso-style tiramasu was classic, light and airy. The tortino al limone verda was a strong lemon-lime custard and scrumptious amaretto cookie crust. The cannoli Siciliani was filled with sheep’s milk ricotta, candied orange, was also incredible rich with lots of pistachio. The vanilla ice cream had me mesmerised with its simple extravagant creaminess.

I was very pleased with the whole experience I had here, maybe it does have a little too much faux Italian for my taste, but it doesn’t stop it from being an excellent restaurant. Service was on point and the waitstaff made sure the water glass was filled and checked up on me regularly.

Canaletto Ristorante Veneto
The Venetian, Grand Canal Shoppes, Near Indoor Gondola Dock
Tel : 702.733.0070

Date Visited : May 2016

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