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Niizu にいづ @ Tokyo

Located on the Arcade Floor of the Main building of Hotel New Otani there’s a very good soba and unagi specialty store.

Niizu specialises in Japanese noodles and eel (or “unagi”) dishes. Japanese “soba” or “udon” noodles are liked by all ages and are served both hot or cold with a choice of different toppings. Grilled eels or “unagi” is a delicacy in Japan, popular not only for its rich flavor but also for its stamina-giving nutritious value.

I ordered a starter – vinegared saba (mackerel) sashimi しめ 鯖 – to go with my ice cold beer.

Unagi うなぎ bento

The unagi うなぎ was delicious, but still reminded me of those Japanese supermarket variety, not exactly up to Matsukawa’s quality.

Pickle and sashimi (chutoro and tako)

I love the way the Japanese washoku are presented. It is so dainty and appealing which makes me want to eat even when I feel sick.

sashimi (chutoro and tako)

Niizu also provides a variety of set menu items for both lunch and dinner and is more famous for its soba and udon. Will try those next time.

Very modest entrance

This is a casual eel and soba specialist. Kind of rustic with waitresses shuffling about and not knowing English.

Niizu Soba & Eel にいづ そば うなぎ
Arcade Floor, The Main, Hotel New Otani Tokyo, 4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
〒102-8578 東京都千代田区紀尾井町4-1 ザ・メイン アーケード階
Tel : 03-3221-4192

Date Visited : Aug 2016

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