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Chee Kei 池記 @ CWB

I always thought Chee Kei was much older than it was. Then I went to their new Percival Street soup, I realised it was opened only in 1994.

The brand started way back in 1994 on Russell Street in Causeway Bay, opposite to Times Square. So when compared to Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔記 or Mak Onn Kee 麥尖記, this was just a kid. In the Ground Zero around Percival Road, most of the wanton noodles that used to ply their trades around here were all closed. Chee Kei is the only one standing despite the ridiculous rents. That’s partly because they have gone up in prices as well.

鮮蝦雲吞麵 Wanton noodles

鮮蝦雲吞麵 Wanton noodles

Jook Sing Noodles 竹昇麵 (“Bamboo Rod Noodles”) is a rare and disappearing Cantonese art. The noodle-making technique refers to the chef riding a bamboo log, like a see-saw, in order to press the duck eggs, flour and other ingredients together. The Jook Sing method is said to give a elastic chewy texture to the noodles. The process is labor intensive – the application of machinery has nearly made this technique disappear. Chee Kei is one of few remaining restaurants in Hong Kong utilising this ancient craft.

If you do not like the strong flavour of akaline 鹼水, this wanton noodle is not for you. Also, if you do not like the chewy texture and al dente doneness, then agin this noodle is not for you. You can replace the noodle with rice noodle 河粉 or laksa noodle 瀨粉.

游水海蝦雲吞 Shrimp wanton

游水海蝦雲吞 Shrimp wanton

There’s a reason why wanton soup is a backbone of the Cantonese menu. Beyond being simply delicious, it is a taste that bridges cultural chasms. At Chee Kei, take comfort in the familiar balance between a meaty, flavorful wonton filling, wrapped in delicately slippery skin, served in a bowl of aromatic, warm broth.

蠔油芥蘭 Chinese kale with oyster sauce

蠔油芥蘭 Chinese kale with oyster sauce

Chinese kale is also referred to as Hong Kong kailan. The greens are blanched in the same boiling water that they used to blanch the noodles. The alkalinity has kept the kale really green. Here, it’s just a simple dash of oyster sauce and the dish is done. You can taste the sweet taste and crunchy texture.

淨豬軟骨 Stewed pork soft bones

淨豬軟骨 Stewed pork soft bones

The soft bones have been stewed such a long period that you can just chew them. But the beautiful part of this dish is the radish that has absorbed all the flavours of the stew.

淨牛腩 Stewed beef brisket

淨牛腩 Stewed beef brisket

Here the soft bones are replaced with beef brisket. The ingredients are different for the base. There’s a hint of orange peel that is commonly used for stewing in Cantonese cuisine.

I love Hong Kong and I travel every other year to drown in the infinite choices of noodles, congee and dumplings. Wanton noodles is just like chicken rice in Singapore, you can always get a really good wanton noodle without going to one of these branded eateries. But the location of Chee Kei at CWB is so convenient, you would not miss it if your time in Hong Kong is limited.

Chee Kei (Causeway Bay) 池記 – 銅鑼灣店
84 , Percival St .,Causeway Bay.
Tel : +852 2890 8616

Date Visited : Apr 2016

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