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No Signboard delivered

It has been 12 weeks (and counting) since I have dined out. Really craving for some properly cooked seafood, instead of the amateur attempts I have been making at home.

Luckily, No Signboard has partnered with a few others (including the food ordering platform to offer its menu for delivery.

All there favourites are available for delivery – seafood mee goreng 海鲜马来炒面, salted fish diced chicken fried rice 咸鱼鸡粒炒饭 and of course their signatures – white pepper crab and chilli crab with the deep fried mantou. The crab is between 800g -1.5kg depending on the size you order (S, M, L). It is not sold by weight. There’s no choice of male of female too.

White pepper crab

I ordered a medium sized white pepper crab, it was around 1kg Sri Lankan mud crab. No different from how they would serve it in the restaurant.

House chilli crab

Of course, the dish we were all craving – the chilli crab. They have used a female crab with roe, which was surprising, and they gave liberal amount of sauce for the mantou.  However we did notice that the portions of crabs may not be from the same crab. It must has been cooked en masse and then packed into the portions in a central kitchen. Nevertheless, they were still delicious, packed with the hint of lemongrass and lots of spices.

Another day, another meal

We would not able to finish everything of course, so we kept the noodles and sauce for another meal another day. Especially the chilli crab sauce, we made it into a spaghetti sauce.

Hopefully we can go into the restaurant and share a meal with the family soon. But with Phase 2 underway and maximum of 5 per table, I guess it would takeaways for the time being.

Date Delivered : May 2020.

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