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Limoncello @ Robertson Quay

We were looking for Italian tonight and we were sick of going to Prego’s. Limoncello just opened at Robertson Quay. We have not been there, the quay I mean, so we decided to make the long detour for our weekly Sunday dinner.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, especially in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi, and islands of Procida, Ischia, and Capri. Although there is debate about the exact origin of the drink, it is at least one hundred years old.

The first time I tried limoncello, the liquor, was during my honeymoon in Italy and we were in the island of Capri. It is about 25% alcohol and packs a punch, especially it is so easy to drink – sour, sweet, no alcoholic taste because of the presence of lemon essential oil extracted from Sorrento lemons. But I digressed.

Homebaked bread

We knew we were at the right place when we arrived because it was packed! Kids were running around the water feature, the outdoor seating was full, we were ushered into a small table just next to the service window where the food was coming out of the kitchen, usually known as the worst seat of the house.

The moment we sat now, even before ordering, the basket of home made bread was brought to our table. It was sooooooo fragrant and soft! Baked from the pizza over by the dedicated crew of pizza chef, it was one of the best bread I have tasted in Singapore. Period.

The menu is classic Southern Italian, featuring pastas and pizza with an impressive list of secondi.

Antipasti – Caprese


Sliced fresh tomato with Buffalo mozzarella in olive oil and basil

Huge tomatoes were used with mozzarella made in house. Simple and yummy.

Calamaretti de paranza

Calamaretti de paranza

Deep sea fried Italian baby squid

The Mediterranean squid has a softer texture like marshmallow compared to the local more rubbery variety. But I think it was because of the cooking technique of flash frying that one cannot achieve at home because we do not have those commercial deep fryer.

Pasta – Risotto con funghi porcini

Risotto con funghi porcini

Carnaroli rice with porcini mushrooms

A very big plate with a very small portion, we finished it with gusto. The rice was al dente, ask for a longer cooking time if you prefer the Asian doneness for rice 😉

Pizza – Meat lovers

Meat lovers

Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, bacon and spicy salame

Chef Alex makes and bakes the pizzas from scratch with Limoncello’s own wood fired stone oven. The pizza was excellent. The same oven was used to bake the bread.

Limoncello cake

Limoncello cake

Limoncello liquor infused with almonds and white chocolate

Spongy, moist, buttery with slight zesty tang from lemon and orange. Spiked with Limoncello liqueur.



Homemade custard cream filled choux pastry topped with warm chocolate sauce

Sinful. Princess’ smile tells it all.

A memorable dining experience is not just about good food, but also about a pleasant dining environment. Limoncello offers an al fresco dining area with a serene view of the Singapore River and a tranquil, cascading waterfall, as well as an indoor dining area, where the crackling of Limoncello’s very own stone pizza oven lends a homely atmosphere.

And when we are ready to pay for the bill, princess’ mom commented that their bread is delicious. Without saying another word, Chef Fabio packed a whole loaf for us to take home. Will definitely come back.

Limoncello Pizza and Grill
95 Robertson Quay, Rivergate Condominium, #01-19/20, Singapore 238256
Tel : (+65) 6634 5117

Date Visited : Jul 2015

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