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Little Island Brewing Co. @ Changi

At the eastern end of the Singapore island, there’s a little charming housing estate called Changi Village. People go there for two things – to take the ferry to Tekong and food.

Army boys are familiar with Changi Village because this is where we would go to take the bumboats to Pulau Tekong, the island where most of us spent our basic military training. But it is also famous for it’s laid-back, rustic and slow pace of life that is so different from the rest of Singapore. And this is the backdrop for Little Island Brewing Co.

All Day Dining

Spam fries with gherkin mayo

Spam fries

I love spam fries – after I had my first spam fries at a local pub. It is such a simple idea – take a can of spam or luncheon meat, cut them into strips like fries and just deep fried them. Yummilicious. Came with a small cup of mayo whipped with gherkin pickle juice.

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Caramelised balsamic onion, apple, roast pork belly

Their pizza names are a play of words of classic song names. Like this classic by Elton John, our hearts went for the amount of pork belly that had been roasted like char siew and balanced with the tartness of the apple. Delicious toppings, only wished the crust was thinner.

Optimus Prime Meat

Optimus Prime Meat

Red onions, beef brisket, beer sausage, pepperoni

This one is named after the main character of the Transformers movie. And it is a up-classed pepperoni and cheese pizza, except it used their slow bbq, melt-in-mouth, tender, juicy beef brisket with beautiful seasoned pork sausages and Italian pepperoni.

Did I say their beef brisket was fantastic?

Dinner Aporkalyspe

We got to mention that the dinner menu (and weekend bbq menu) was worth the wait into the evening. And what more can I ask for with their flagship sharing platter – the aptly named Aporkalyspe.


The gigantic platter came with every smoked and grilled meat on offer – beef brisket, pork belly, pork ribs, 1/2 chicken, beer sausage – and so that mamma would not complain, a couple of vegetable kebabs.

All sides

And then they throw in all the sides – mashed potatoes with gravy, lots of it; herded roasted potatoes, onion rice pilaf, pineapple salsa, mixed green salad, and then french fries.

All meat

Of all the meats, I really enjoyed the beef brisket and beer sausages. The sausages were made in-house with a crunchy shell. The slow bbq, melt-in-mouth, tender, juicy beef brisket (yes, I repeated the superlatives) was so good that I bought some to takeaway for my sandwich the next day. The platter is for 4 to share, but it can easily feed 5-6 persons. Mind you, we are all big eaters that night, but we still could not finish the platter.

The Biergarten by the Seaside

Seaside charm

This is mainly a self-service joint in the laid-back Changi village. Plenty of outdoor space, but still restricted to 5 per table. They have a more atas (high-class) sibling called Alchemist Beer Lab in South Beach JW Marriot. Similar beers, but different food menu.


Once you register yourselves at the counter, you will be given a beer card and food card (if you hold the credit card with the counter). You order the food at the counter and then you will be issued a wireless buzzer which will vibrate when your food is ready. Depending on what you order, you either pick it up at the grill or the pizza oven.

House brews

As for beer, there are almost 20 types of craft beers available at any point in time. You take the pre-paid beer card and come here, take a pint glass from the top, tap on reader and pump your drink.


Of course with Phase 2, social distancing is mandatory, and you don’t touch the beer taps on your own anymore for hygiene reasons. Also because of the Phase 2, you are served most of the time, which was unusual. Do be patient, we are going thru re-starting pains after the lockdown, so be appreciative that we still have a place like this to enjoy so social gathering.


Little Island Brewing Co.
6 Changi Village Road, Singapore 509907
Tel : 6543 9100


Date Visited : Jul 2020

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