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This is a huge restaurant situated in the Tel Aviv Port which of course is anything but a port. It’s a lovely open mall with restaurants stores and and lots of room to walk around.

Meat and Eat, or Lechem Basar in Hebrew, is a kosher meat restaurant located at the Tel Aviv Port.

The breads are baked in the taboon oven, which is located centrally on the premises, allowing for fresh in-house baking and meat smoking for a unique culinary experience. The dishes are served with choice breads and light salads.

Lamb lahmajoun

Lamb lahmajoun

Half-moon pastry filled with minced lamb meat, root vegetables, grilled pepper, kalamata olives, served with a tahini dip



Fresh dry-aged cut, 250 / 350 gr, served with chimichuri dressing

Kosher mehadrin restaurants are popping up all over the country, in light of the growing demand of the Torah observant public to eat in quality eateries with strict adherence to kashrut. For those looking for a quality meat meal in Tel Aviv, Lechem Basar is a great choice.

This was served with a small boat of chimichurri. The tomato was an excellent choice to accompany the steak. The chimichurri was nice, but was not really needed for the steak, which was well seasoned and aged.

Served with chopped salad and pan-fried potatoes, all washed down with a lemonade slurpee.

Food at Meat and Eat is very good, unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the service. Very tight seating and service was slow. For the amount of money you are spending there on the food you expect a good experience to come along with it. There are better choices along the strip.

Meat and Eat – לחם בשר
1 Yordei Hasira St., Hangar 14, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv
Tel: +97-53-809 5534

Date Visited : Nov 2014

PS (12 May 2020) : Heard that the owners have changed and the food standard has dropped. So with the poor service, it can be avoided I guess.

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