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Firebake @ Siglap

Firebake is a unique bakehouse and restaurant featuring Singapore’s first ever full-scale woodfire bread oven right in the heart of Siglap. The centrepiece of the restaurant is their hand-built woodfire oven made from 37 ton of bricks, sand and mortar.

Woodfire bread oven

Firebake is all about food that is cooked with fire. At the heart of the restaurant are two purpose built full scale wood fire ovens used for baking as well as two 1880’s refurbished Huqsvana cast iron stoves powered by charcoal for pan frying and grilling.

The man behind the whole concept is Konstantino Blokbergen whose maternal grandfather was an artisan baker in Greece. His own father was a two Michelin Star Chef in Switzerland and he basically grew up surrounded by great food. It’s not surprising that Tino himself was trained as a chef before spending the next two decades as an F&B director in various hotels.

Specialty Bread

Firebake focus on the craft of sourdough bread making using European historical methods.


From raw ingredients to firewood to water, everything is as non-processed, sustainable, and as close to its natural state as possible.They use organic flour sourced from Australia and even have a flour mill in the premises where they plan to mill ancient wholegrains. The sourdough starters were hatched on the premises by harvesting wild yeast from the air and they use a special filtration system to produce water that is free of impurities whilest still containing natural trace elements and minerals.

Bread board

Sourdough is Firebake’s main star. On the bread board, there are four types of sourdough – Wave (Organic white sourdough loaf), Field (Organic wholemeal sourdough loaf), Valley (Organic sourdough fruit loaf), and Rock (Organic rye sourdough loaf). The breads are all served with Norwegian butter and Greek olive oil. Each golden and aromatic loaf has a sturdy, almost-burnt crust and chewy, moist interior.

Sweet breads

Wholemeal butter scones, cheesymite bun, dark chocolate roll, morning bun, croissant butter roll – available only between 10 am to 2.30 pm while stock lasts, these usually are sold out way before 2.30 pm.

Lunch Special

The menu here features hearty dishes cooked with traditional European techniques, which complement and showcase the range of woodfire baked sourdough bread.

Prawn capellini

Australian prawn capellini aglio olio, sakura ebi – the prawn was grilled in the woodfire oven and gave out a distinctively smokey taste that can only be from these kind of oven fire. The capellini was a bit too soft, but for the old folks, it was just right. I would prefer it a bit more al dente.

Vegetable risotto

Vegetable and mushroom risotto – the creamy risotto was perfectly executed. It must be made from the dutch oven that gave it a slow-cooked effect.

Mushroom soup

Wild mushroom soup, smoked paprika – woodfire oven has the benefits of keeping temperature while not overcooking the ingredients. The mushroom soup was enhanced with a spicy paprika and drizzled liberally with organic olive oil. It was slight more watery that usual mushroom soup, but I like it this way more as you can really taste the bits of mushroom.

Long black

Coffee in Firebake was really good. But do try their turmeric chai latte not listed on their menu.

The food at Firebake was good. While their artisan bread lived up to the hype – very high quality and excellent tasting bread – the prices were not cheap. The service level was OK (not good, not horrible). The staff was not patient with first time client, and especially those with poor English skills like the older folks, the staff was almost condescending. Maybe because it is Siglap, and they have a mainly expat clientele. While I really enjoyed the food and bread, it was not a place I would bring my family again.

Firebake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant
237 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428930

PS: Another good eat bites the dust.

Closed on 28 Aug 2020

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