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PappaRich @ Causeway Point (Closed)

We welcome PappaRich in CWP, a newly opened outlet that sprung up after the lockdown.

There’s a bit of Malaysia in everything, and each bowl of goodness captures the character of Malaysian hawker fare, a delectable comfort for those away from home.

From Penang To Johor

PappaRich’s recipes aren’t invented in the laboratory, but on the streets of Penang and KL – the true purveyor of local flavours. In order to truly transport the Malaysian food experience, only the best and most “legit” ingredients are used at PappaRich. They get their bread from KL, otak-otak from Muar, kuay teow from Ipoh and gula melaka from Malacca. Even simple detail like the ground pepper on each table hails from Sarawak.

Ipoh Kway Teow Soup with Shredded Chicken + Prawns

I wanted to order their signature Penang Prawn Noodles, unfortunately this afternoon it was all sold out. So I settled for their Ipoh Kway Teow Soup. The soup base was flavourful with prawn and chicken stock. But I find the portion a bit too little, and the soup base a bit too watery.

Curry Chicken Laksa

Their Curry Chicken Laksa is not very lemak like Singaporean Nyonya laksa. Princess said it tasted like Indian curry. Nevertheless it was still a good curry noodles, though in Singapore we wouldn’t call it laksa.

Here’s another visit to one of their KL outlets (Sunway Pyramid) back in 2014.

I guess with any franchises, nothing exciting nor disappointing when it comes to the food. Everything has been broken down into premixes (which you can buy from their stores to recreate them at home) and standard operating procedures.

What you can expect is a consistent McD type of quality that would satisfy your craving for Malaysian street food during this period when crossing the Causeway is almost impossible. You can only get temporary relief from this outlet in Causeway Point.

PappaRich Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square Causeway Point #02-05, 738099
Tel : 6503 3323

Date Visited : Aug 2020

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