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Saigon Funyo @ Shanghai

Came here for dinner the other day after a long flight from Singapore, reaching the hotel when most restaurants are already closed.

Was impressed when I walked in the door, almost everything was still available so late in the evening. The set-up is simple as you go through the line cafeteria style. You choose the appetizers you want as well as your drink. At the end of the line you chose from a picture board the soup you’d like. I recommend the beef noodle and the prawn lemongrass rolls.

Prices were also very reasonable for pho, certainly considering how overpriced most non-Chinese food tends to be on the mainland. Alas the soup itself was just a little bland compared to more authentic Vietnamese options.

The decor had a south Eastern Asia feel, and the uniforms were different enough to make you feel like you were eating a much more expensive restaurant. Overall, it is a nice business casual restaurant to have lunch. While it is definitely more expensive than Chinese noodle restaurants, you are getting a higher quality food, and a more pleasant experience.

粉越西贡 Saigon Funyo
6th level of Cloud Nine Mall next to the Shanghai Renaissance Zhongshan

Date Visited : Dec 2017

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