Texas Roadhouse @ Taipei

When I bring my other family in Taipei out for a meal, I usually will alternate between a Chinese meal (for the old folks) and a Western meal (for the young folks). This time we decided to go for some Texan BBQ.

Sides and Starters

The Texan red chilli was delicious, with the shredded cheddar and chopped red onions. The ladies didn’t like the cajun spices, called them Indian taste šŸ˜‰ The complimentary dinner rolls came with a whipped butter that was the star. And the steak fries were a bit soggy.

Smoked buffalo wings

Smoked buffalo wings

Very dried out chicken wings. We have not asked for any sauces on the wings like a usual buffalo wings because the girls could not handle the Texan style messy wings. I shall not judge, both the girls and the wings.

Mini cheeseburgers with mashed potatoes

Mini cheeseburgers with mashed potatoes

You can always order a kid’s meal even there’s no kids. The mini cheeseburgers were beautifully done, simply a patty and cheddar between a toasted dinner roll, and no, they were not mini. Came with one side, and princess asked for mashed potatoes – a bit like KFC’s and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ribeye steak and shrimp combo

Ribeye steak and shrimp combo

The shrimps were a bit pathetique given that Taiwan is famous for their seafood too. And the ribeye was supposed to be medium rare came out rather medium well. I guess they always err towards the local, where they would not want to see blood dripping out of their steak.

It looked more like a Appalachian cabin than a Texan roadhouse, but hey, most of them would not have been to Texas. The food was American junk, and made junkier because they were altered to suit local tastes and portions.

I regretted trying to expose the folks to Western food. I would stick to Chinese foods in future.

Texas Roadhouse (Breeze Songgao)
3F, No. 16 Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
Tel : (02) 2725-1030

Date Visited : Dec 2016

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