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HaiJiXian HuaQiangBei 海极鲜 @ Shenzhen

I have always enjoyed this way of enjoying live and fresh seafood – steaming it whole. And so far I manage to only find this in abundance in China, and especially in Shenzhen.

Fresh seafood

You can choose from a large variety of live seafood on display just like the other flagship. Most of these are farmed in China, the aquatic farming prowess on display.

Boston lobsters

Even imported ones like Boston lobsters. With the buying power of China these days you are not limited to only locally farmed ones. Woe to the marine life!


And then you watch the magic happens right before your eyes as each ingredient is steamed to perfection in the ultra-high heat steamer. Of course you can enjoy the appetisers before you eat.

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The best enjoyment of the whole meal is at the end of the meal.


At the bottom of the steamer was a pot of rice and stock ready to be cooked as porridge at the end of the meal.


The umami from all those seafood cannot be replicated chemically. This will be the most satisfying pot of porridge you ever had. However, you will need to have a big group of diners like us to achieve this effect.

Really enjoyed my visit here every time. It is the food and service as well as the camaraderie and memories.

HaiJiXian Steamed Seafood 海极鲜蒸汽美食坊(华强北店)
振中路爱华科研楼一层(天天渔港旁) 深圳
Tel : 0755-82720078

Date Visited : Nov 2017

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