Shaoxing Dayu Mausoleum 大禹陵

Located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province and south of the Hangzhou Bay, Shaoxing is a famous historical and cultural city with beautiful sceneries of rivers and lakes. The city has a long history which fostered many celebrities. Legend has it that as early as 4,000 years ago, Dayu of the Xia Dynasty went to Shaoxing personally for water-control projects.


Located four kilometers southeast of Shaoxing is the Dayu Mausoleum. Dayu, also known as Yu the Great, was the King of Xia Dynasty (22-16 B.C.). He is remembered for his outstanding efforts in flood control. Inside the Dayu Tomb area, there are the Dayu Temple and a memorial hall, as well as the Xianruo Pavilion. 

The mausoleum with surrounding park, lakes and option for boating is beautiful. Behind the mausoleum itself, there are steep stairs that go up through a bamboo forest to a viewing platform. The path itself is wonderful, the view good. On a hot day, the stairs might feel too steep. 

The mausoleum is accessible to Dayu Kaiyuan guests at a reduced entry price when you purchase the tickets directly from the hotel.

Date Visited : Oct 2017

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