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Han Ah Rum Korean 韓雅林 @ CWB

I usually go to Kowloon for Korean BBQ when I am in Hong Kong, but a local friend brought me to this place in Causeway Bay. Now I have a new favourite place without the need to cross the harbour.

Located on a high floor of a commercial building, Han Ah Rum Korean 韓雅林 would not be obvious find it as the lift lobby seems to be located separately from the main building. And the escalators are not connected to the 6th floor too. So it is a wonder when we finally arrive to our dinner at the appointed time.

Once you have placed your orders, they will set the table with lots of appetisers to start your meal.

Korean appetisers / side dishes / Banchan

Called banchan in Korean, the side dishes served here are very good and is a good sign that the food will be good. You can tell by eating the kimchi you can tell that the food is authentic. However, they are quite slow with refills.

The attraction is BBQ and there are many good cuts of beef, both Korean beef and Australian beef are on offer. Note that they do not BBQ the beef for you, so be prepared to do it yourself.

Wrap it with the lettuce and coupled with the kimchi and you have a really yummy BBQ beef wrap.

They have a comprehensive menu of cooked items as well.

Chives and seafood pancake

The seafood pancake is one of their signature dishes. But I am not a fan of the Korean style pancake, always find them greasy.

Marinated flower crab

Probably one of the best and most authentic Korean restaurants in HK. The food was superbly delicious. I absolutely love their raw marinated crabs. The location is also really convenient as it located in Causeway Bay. The shop owner is a Korean lady and she is really really nice.

Han Ah Rum Korean 韓雅林
6/F Causeway Bay Plaza 1, 489 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2866 6927

Date Visited : Nov 2017

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