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LeVeL33 @ Marina Bay

My colleagues from all around the world will come to Singapore annually for an Executive Review, and as host and local, I have to scratch my head, dig deep to impress these picky eaters what Singapore has to offer, both culinary and aesthetically. This year, we went to LeVeL33.

Executive Chef ArChan Chan

Executive Chef ArChan Chan

Level 33 welcomes its new Executive Chef in 2018. Executive Chef ArChan Chan has more deeply integrated the beer brewing elements into the food, including more creatively using the different beers and beer ingredients, and taking inspiration from the beer brewing processes itself. She has also begun creating more culinary elements from scratch: pickling and fermenting vegetables with the spent grain (the filtered by-product after barley malt has gone through the first process of turning into beer) and dry-ageing her own meats.

Singapore Platter

In celebration of the coming National Day, Level33 came up with an appetiser platter to be shared that feature familiar tastes of Singapore.

Chilli Soft Shell Crab Brewery Sliders was a winner, with the deep fried soft shell crab and a classic Singapore Chilli Crab sauce between wholegrain buns. Grilled Whole Quail with Ginger Flower used stout as a marinade and torch ginger to tighten the flavours. Spent Grain Cereal Local Mussels is an acknowledgment of another tzechar classic, the cereal prawn. And last but not least, Laksa Prawn Cocktail which is assemble your own romaine lettuce with prawn and a laksa flavoured sauce.

Taking inspiration from kaya toast, the Pan seared coconut brioche with pandan jam is like a cinnamon roll smooched with a liberal amount of kaya (coconut pandan jam).



Creamy russet potato mash.

Onion Consommé

Onion Consommé

Clear broth, textures of onion, scallion oil.

Onion Consommé

With a rich consomme of vegetable stock, I found this refreshing and flavourful.

I forgot what this dish was.



The piece of red loin meat was sous vide and chargrilled. It was paired with beetroot. It was still a bit muscular, and tasted like a very lean piece of brisket.

Mignardise Plate

Mignardise Plate

Chef’s selection of mini sweet pastries. As I don’t have a sweet tooth, I past this course to my colleagues.

Why LeVeL33?

LeVeL33 is the World’s Highest Urban Microbrewery. With the copper brew house kettles taking centre stage, all are reminded of the freshly brewed beer that flows out of the heart of LeVeL33.

Beer Tasting Paddle

Sampler of beers

The Beer Tasting Paddle is a medley of all five Level33 craft beers on tap. Each shot is 0.1l so you still chug half a litre of beer at the end of it. Right to left – Stout, House Port, Wheat Beer, Blond Lager and India Pale Ale. And the tasting sequence? Left to Right.

The Billion Dollar View

And of course the billion-dollar view of the Marina Bay. Who could resist this beautiful night view from a vintage point. And thankfully we have a clear night.

LeVeL33 Craft-Brewery Restaurant & Lounge
8 Marina Boulevard #33-01
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
Singapore 018981
Tel : +65 6834 3133 / +65 8511 4613

Date Visited : Jul 2018

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