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Bangkok Thai @ Park City

Park City in Jan is always packed with tourists either in town for Sundance or skiing. So the restaurants are all opened during the ski season too.

You never expect a Thai restaurant here

Bangkok Thai is found on the Main Street of Park City, which is about an hour away from SLC. It is located in a historic building on the basement. So lookout for the nameplate on the ground floor.

Sate chicken

We ordered some sate to start the meal. After two weeks of American food, these tasted good and familiar.

Shrimp rice roll

And you cannot go wrong with shrimp rice roll, served with hoisin and chilli sauce.

Spring roll and crackers

Then the first mistake, the fried spring roll was too salty and oily.

Green curry chicken

The US formula for Thai curry remains the same – you choose the colour (red/green/yellow) and then you choose the meat (beef/chicken/shrimp).

Red curry beef

We shared two curries – red curry with beef and green curry with chicken and gobbled them down with steamed rice. Strangely, both curries tasted the same.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is found in all Thai restaurants in US, but most did a rather bad job – wet, sticky and the noodles al dente. It’s the same here. I guess that what the American are used to and hence though how good Pad Thai should be – like crispy Rendang.

Well, when you are in the US for an extended period of time and craving for Asian food, Bangkok Thai would do. Remember that the heat and taste have been adjusted for American palates, so are the portions. Also because of the crowd in Park City during this period, they are not crowded versus the grills and steakhouses in town.

Bangkok Thai on Main
605 Main St, Park City, UT
Tel : 435-649-Thai (8424)

Date Visited : Jan 2018

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