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Market Street Grill @ SLC

Located right next to the Market Street Oyster Bar is the sister restaurant, the Market Street Grill, that offers American steakhouse food in a bistro setting.

The Location and History of Market Street Grill

John Williams and Tom Sieg purchased the New York Hotel (built in 1906) in the mid-seventies and embarked on an extensive remodelling project.  This ambitious project culminated in first the New Yorker, a fine dining restaurant that opened in 1978, located in what was the old boiler room of the building.  Its wild success prompted Williams and Sieg to embrace the restaurant business, take on a 3rd partner, Tom Guinney and establish Gastronomy, Inc. 

The trio went on to open the Market Street Grill on Halloween in 1980 and the Market Street Oyster Bar on New Year’s Eve in 1981, both located on the main floor of the building.  The second and third floors were remodeled into premier downtown office space.  The New Yorker closed its doors in October of 2018 and the building remained under the stewardship of Gastronomy until October of 2019 when the Market Street restaurants were sold to Mountain West Brands.


Freshly shucked oysters

First up, freshly shucked oysters from the Oyster Bar, served with horseradish, cocktail sauce and vinaigrette. But I enjoyed them with just a dash of lemon. They often say, never trust seafood from a restaurant inland. Fortunately, the oysters were really fresh. And for this sampler, we got Canadian kusshi from Cortes Island BC, kumamoto from Humboldt Bay CA, and blue point from Chesapeake Bay VA.

And for more appetisers, we ordered some fried onion rings and fried calamari. The onion rings were made from fresh yellow onions, and they were delicious.

Steak Dinner

The steaks come with either a clam chowder or salad, with a side like potato, fries, rice or mash.

Clam chowder

The clam chowder came as part of the steak set. I was expecting a small cup, but as always in USA, the portion was huge.

Spinach salad

And because I did not want a main, they gave me the spinach salad as well.

And still on the filet mignon there’s some more steamed vegetables. So you can imagine how full I got at the end of the dinner.

The food is really value for money, the service is good and the environment is clean and spacious. It reminds me of an American diner from the 60s. Would recommend if you are in town. Alternatively, they have a smaller diner in the SLC airport too.

Market Street Grill
48 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Tel : (801) 322-4668

Date Visited : Jan 2018

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