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Rumah Makan Minang @ Bugis

Directly opposite the Sultan Mosque in Bugis is a nasi padang establishment that has been around for years. And within a square kilometre there are at least 5 excellent nasi padang restaurants, they must be good to survive that long.

Minang has been operating from this location since 1954, and specialises in Minangbakabau cuisine. They used to only occupy the lower level, but as their popularity grew, they took over the entire building and expanded upstairs too. But the ordering is still done on the ground floor.

Delicious Padang dishes on display

Unlike the traditional nasi padang, the dishes are served upon order. Stacked dishes brimming with signature spicy classics are displayed behind the glass counter. You pick what you like from the showcase on the ground floor, and then proceed to the air-conditioned upper floor to dine in comfort.

Among the must-orders include Indonesia tahu telur (large fried tofu with batter made with eggs, adorned with bean sprouts, grated peanuts and dark sweet soy sauce), ayam gulai (curry chicken stew Padang style), ikan belado hijau (fried mackerel in green chilli marinade), ikan bakar berempah (grilled mackerel in spice mix and spicy seasoning), and lots more.

Always a feast at Minang

Among my favourite dishes include gulai pucuk ubi (tapioca leaves cooked and braised in coconut milk), sambal udang petai (marinated king prawns cooked in chilli paste and stink beans), sotong masak hitam (fresh marinated squid in tangy dark soy sauce and squick ink gravy), sayur lodeh (cabbage and long beans boiled until soft in spicy, sweet curry), and I always order them every time I come to dine here.

And to top it off, you need their delicious condiments like sambal belacan (fried chilli with shrimp paste, a personal favourite), sambal belado merah (Padang style red chilli), and sambal belado hijau (their signature Minang green chilli).

They are not cheap, mind you, but you will always enjoy the quality of the dishes on offer here. The service is prompt. I am just disappointed these days that they have lesser choices on offer. Lunch time crowd is expected, but everyone eats and goes off promptly and efficiently.

Rumah Makan Minah
18 & 18A Kandahar Street, Singapore 198884
Tel : +65 6977 7064

Date Visited : Aug 2019

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