Another BA flight

BA ran a promotional fare between SIN and SYD and it was too good to pass up – flying business on an economy fare.

In my previous post on BA, I had a lot to say about their alternative facing configuration. Here’s more peeves about the seats in Club World on this A350. If you have an aisle seat like me, it felt like sleeping along a pavement. There’s not privacy screens except for the arm rest that can be raised when you lay flat, that offer around a foot of coverage.

And then you have the issue of your fellow passenger tripping over you as they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And then there’s the foot rest. It incorporates the seat folder and foot rest – when you put it down you do not have access to the folder. So you cannot put your reading materials or magazines in that folder.

Pre-dinner drink

Now for what I like about the Club World product. Firstly, they do use proper glasses – like this whisky tumbler. Imagine having a whisky on the rocks in one of these. I am easily satisfied.

Dinner Service

The last time, I was not impressed by the dinner service. This time it was much better.

Beef carpaccio

First course, a smoked beef carpaccio with walnuts, cherry tomatoes and pickled wolfberries.

Pumpkin soup

This was followed by a cream of pumpkin soup with a quenelle of sour cream. Both the appetiser and the soup hit the spot as you boarded the plane without dinner.

Handmade pasta with goat cheese and peas

The entree was a very creamy handmade pasta with goat cheese and peas. The pasta was al dente, the bite went well with the salty, creamy goat cheese. I was surprised I picked this vegetarian option, but I didn’t regret it as I was really unimpressed by the beef the last time I flew BA.

The dessert was a lemon tartet with vanilla custard. A tiny dessert, just nice. And this time everything was plated properly and looked yummy.


Vegetable foie gras aspic

The breakfast was a cold cold affair with vegetable foie gras aspic with warm bread.

Overall this was a much better experience on the inflight catering. It could not claim to be one of the best among the first tier airlines. But what the food does not cover, the service and spontaneity make up for it. I always find BA service to be genuine with British humour and politeness.

Flight SYD SIN, Dec 2019 red eye.

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