Smooth as Silk on TG

The Royal Silk Class, or Thai Airways‘ business class, is one of the best business class services in the world. Got a chance to try it for the first time when my flight was rescheduled due to bad weather.

Dedicated check-ins

The service started on the ground with dedicated check-in facilities at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok that were not shared with other Star Alliance gold members. This was followed by fast track security and immigration clearance, again opened specially for TG business and first class passengers. This is especially helpful if you are navigating through Bangkok’s horrendous traffic and manage only to get to the airport with an hour to spare. In SIN an hour would be sufficient, in BKK you are out of luck.

I took the aisle seat on the window side. The A350 configuration features 2-4-2 layout, with staggered seatings so everyone has access to the aisle without tripping over each other. Take a leaf out of this BA! And another thing that I am really disappointed with SQ despite having topped the list of major ratings for airlines – why have they not introduced live TV on board? I got it in TG, even ANA and many others have got it. I watched the 2018 world cup mainly in between flights. SQ really needs to listen to your frequent fliers – everyone is catching up with movies and TV programming. Time for you to catch up with live TV.

First Meal Service

Rice vermicelli noodle soup with fishballs and fish cakes

I featured in my other post about noodles in the air. the vermicelli noodle soup. The soup broth was as authentic as any you can get from the street food vendor in Bangkok. Only that there’s not enough of it, and the vermicelli got all clumped up as a blob. While it was not mushy, it was really difficult to swallow dry vermicelli. Served with praline mousse with peach and passion fruit compote.

Breakfast Service

Boiled rice with tom yum kung soup

Right before landing, breakfast was served for all those that requested the wake-up service. Besides the usual Western omelette and sausage, you can go for the typical Thai breakfast of boiled rice.

However TG upped the ante with boiled rice with tom yum kung soup, adding that fire and spice to your morning! Come complete with fresh fruits, bircher muesli with peach and Thai omelette ( fresh egg white, raw salted egg). The Thai omelette was better than anything I had in the air so far.

And it comes with a whole serving of their Continental Breakfast as well – breakfast toll, croissant and danish served with butter and jam.

TG Royal Silk Class is a very good product. The service is attentive, the food is great (even in Economy, TG is one of my favourite airlines when it comes to food), and the inflight entertainment is good. Unfortunately they don’t fly long haul out of Singapore and I hate transits, especially at BKK.

Flight between BKK-SYD Mar 2019, red eye

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