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Tempura Tsukiji Tenka @ Orchard

This is the first restaurant Tokyo Sushi Academy is opening in Singapore, featuring Tempura and Donburi by their graduates, exclusively for Japan Food Town.

Tokyo Sushi Academy is a private culinary school in Tokyo that teaches an international student the art of making sushi and other simple Japanese dishes (mainly tempura) to help them acquire the skills to start a Washoku restaurant back home. This restaurant, the first in the world, is a testing ground for their graduates.

Sashimi Platter

Sashimi Platter

A good serving of salmon belly, maguro, scallops, sweet ebi and swordfish, Tsukiji-quality but not top notch.

Kakiage Soba

Kakiage soba

Kakiage and Ebi tempura with a side of cold soba noodles.

Bara Chirashidon

Bara Chirashidon

Fresh seafood cut into cubes and served on sushi rice.

Kaisen Tendon

Kaisen Tendon

This is their signature dish – the tendon 天丼 which is tempura 天婦羅 with rice. The signature combination comes with prawns, faux crab stick, fish, squid and assorted vegetables. You can choose to have the sauce on or off. Very crispy and tasty tempura, there’s no expired oil taste that many cheaper washoku restaurants have.

Lunch choices are plenty and reasonably priced. The food is above average but the tempura is top-notch. Tempura commands a premium compared to other choices in Japan Town, but worth the price.

Date Visited : Apr 2017

Closed – Mar 2020 due to rental payment disputes.

Goodbye Japan Food Town

Japan Food Town, the massive multi-concept Japanese food enclave in Wisma Atria, has closed. It opened in August 2016 on the mall’s fourth floor, housing a dozen eateries with individual concepts. On January 31 this year, it was reported by The Business Times that Japan Food Town’s landlord, Isetan, had terminated the tenancy agreement due to non-payment of certain sums for its lease. As the landlord, Isetan holds the right of re-entry to the enclave’s premises, and the place was shuttered on February 29.

While Japan Food Town’s closure came suddenly, some of its tenant eateries had already started moving out or expanding with other outlets before the rental negotiations fell through. Tonkatsu restaurant Ginza Anzu moved to the newly revamped Great World City, while popular saba fish specialist Sabar has an outlet at the new Don Don Donki JCube’s food court. The well-loved Rang Mang Shokudo also ran a short-lived, now-defunct outlet at Don Don Donki City Square Mall food court. Nabe Seizan already has two other offshoot daifuku and uni ramen stalls within food park Picnic, which is also located in Wisma Atria.

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