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Muthu’s Curry @ Suntec

Even before I could take anything spicy, I knew about Muthu’s Curry. Not because my family will pack Indian food home once in a while, but because I always associated Muthu with fish head curry.

Two or three times each week, behind locked doors in a room in a building in their Race Course Road central kitchen, a family tradition going back decades is carried out, away from prying eyes. The result is a spice blend that goes into one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes, fish head curry, sold at the restaurant that is synonymous with the dish, Muthu’s Curry.

Muthu’s Curry is the self-proclaimed pioneer of fish head curry – fish head steeped in a spice-filled curry sauce together with okra, tomatoes and eggplant, widely regarded as Singapore’s national curry dish. But we didn’t come for their fish head curry today, because our Indian colleagues did not like fish.

Vendaikai Masala

Okras cooked with paste made from tomato and onions
Vendaikai Masala

Vendaikai masala is a healthy dish made of okra, spices, onions & tomatoes. This semi dry curry made with ladies finger goes very well with rice or roti. Vendaikai (also known as Bhindi in Hindi) masala is mildly spicy and full of flavours that comes from the pan fried okras and garam masala.

Muthu’s Chicken Chukka Varuval

Stir fry boneless chicken cooked with onions and seasoned with spicy chilli paste
Muthu’s Chicken Chukka Varuval

Before you think all curries and masalas are the same, you have Muthu’s Chicken Chukka Varuval. Chicken varuval also known as chicken chukka is nothing but chettinad chicken stir fry. The chicken is cooked in a blend of special spices that gave it a mildly spicy flavour with a strong fennel overtone.

Muthu’s Prawns 65

Deshelled prawns marinated in Muthu’s special blend pf spices until crisp.
Muthu’s Prawns 65

I have no idea of the reason behind the inclusion of 65 in the name, but this was a good introduction to Indian food if you have someone trying it for the first time. Not spicy hot but spicy fragrant, like KFC on steroids.

Biryani Rice, 2 Veg & pappadam

Free flow of fragrant basmati rice cooked with cashew nuts and saffron. Served with vegetables, sambar and pappadam.
Briyani Rice

The complimentary pappadum was crisp with good lentil flavour, and staff helped us refilled it on request. Great with their sambar.


Having a long-standing reputation to uphold, Muthu’s Curry has never fallen short of providing customers with good service and even better food. What used to be a small and downscale restaurant now boasts dark wood panels, glass mosaics, polished floors and poshly dressed waiters. Locals have gone to Muthu’s Curry for fish head curry since childhood, and will always come back for more. 

Muthu’s Curry @Suntec
3, Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-109 S ( 038983 )
Tel : 68357707 

Date Visited : May 2016

Michelin Singapore Guide : Bid Gourmand 2018. 2019 (Race Course Road)

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