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Flying Sushi

You can never have enough sushi in Japan. And in the airports there are good sushiya like Sushi Kyotatsu 寿司 京辰 inside immigration of Narita, and Ariso Sushi ありそ鮨し in Haneda.

Haneda Airport, the city airport for Tokyo, has a really nice area on the upper deck before immigration and after the check-in counters that emulates the old Edo street with restaurants and shops. Really good quick pitstop before leaving Japan as a lot of famous downtown shops are represented there.


Ariso Sushi is a revolving (conveyer-belt) sushi restaurant, which usually is at the lower end of the spectrum of sushiya. Even so, the quality of the sushi is better than what you would get in the US and therefore every time I made a detour to Tokyo before my US trip, I would have sushi before I go home from Haneda.


荒磯コース Araiso Course

荒磯コース Araiso Course


Natural lean tuna (maguro), chutoro, otoro, Aori squid, sea perch, snow crab leg, kohada (gizzard shad), sweet shrimp, ark shell, scallop, kappa (cucumber) roll, salmon roe, raw shirasu (whitebait), miso soup

Miso soup

天然真鯛 Natural red sea bream

天然真鯛 Natural red sea bream

The cut was not fantastic, very veiny but the fish was definitely fresh.

桜海老 Sakura shrimp sushi

桜海老 Sakura shrimp sushi

Sakura Ebi 桜海老 is a very small (maximum 5 cm) crustacean mostly caught in the Suruga Bay off the shores of Shizuoka Prefecture. Yui has a nationwide reputation as the town where you can catch sakura shrimp. When it is sakura shrimp season in Yui Harbour, tourists from all over Japan descend on the area, and it’s not unusual for long lines to form at restaurants and other establishments. These shrimps have a briny taste with almost transparent shell, and are eaten whole. They are usually sold as dried shrimp but I was very fortunate to try them raw.

天然本まぐろ三昧 Three Types of Tuna

天然本まぐろ三昧 Three Types of Tuna

The three nigiri pieces of tuna demonstrated a progression of fat content in the wild caught bluefin tuna. It started with the lean maguro, then it moves on to the fattier chutoro, and it ended spectacularly with a piece of otoro.

赤貝 Ark Shell


In Singapore, we used to be able to find their cousins in the muddy seashore. Akagai 赤貝 ark shell clam, also known as the surf clam or blood clam because of the red coloured water that is found inside upon opening, looked like a giant see-hum 血蚶. Usually eaten raw as sashimi or on sushi, they have a crunchy texture with sweet and satisfying umami of shellfish.

If you come at the right hour (off-peak), the sushi will be individually made by the itamae at the counter. The quality of the fish, the freshness of the sushi and the warmth of the shari will be just the same as a higher quality sushiya.

Ariso Sushi ありそ鮨し
〒144-0041 大田区 羽田空港国際線ターミナル4F
Tel : 03-6428-0444

Date Visited : Jun 2017

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