Star Wars Identities @ ArtScience Museum

I hope this post would not infringe any copyrights. The Singapore Government gave out in-country tourism vouchers and I used some of it to get tickets to the “Star Wars Identities” at the ArtScience Museum.

This exhibition is made up of two parallel paths. On one path, you are brought through how the characters got their identity from their origins, DNA, cultural and social experience, and their important choices. On the other path, you walked through a series of exhibits that demonstrated how the scenes and action sequences are designed, the art direction and props development, and of course character designs.

Create an Identity

Every visitor was given a RFID tag bracelet that you can register with each station to define your species, genetic composition, parental influence and cultural influence.

Of course I would pick my favourite Star Wars character Chewbacca as the template for my own character – loyal, strong, impulsive. And since it was Lunar New Year, I gave the character an appropriate name 😉

The rest of the journey, you get to decide through a series of reactions to situations and questions/answers to define your character. A bit like psychoanalysis and child development in the process.

Jiakbakwah – Imperial Governor

However, despite all the choices, it was the final question that make – would you join the Dark Side? This is really like real life. Very often it wasn’t all the things your parents or what you have done that decided if you make it in life later, it was usually that one decision that made you the autocratic ruler of the empire or a happy-go-lucky vagabond.

The exhibition ran from 30 Jan to 13 June 2021 at the ArtScience Museum. And according to the website, this will be the last location that the exhibition will run.

Date Visited : Feb 2021

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