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Majestic Bay @ Marina Bay

Majestic Bay is part of the Unlisted Collection of restaurants that included Michelin starred restaurants like Burnt Ends and Cheek Bistro so the food could not be too bad.

Majestic Bay is a Cantonese seafood restaurant below the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. Pollen takes the other corner of the dome. I have been to their sister restaurant JING and frankly the food was good, but the service was so-so. So when we were looking for a sit-down restaurant at Gardens by the Bay, I wasn’t so sure, but Majestic Bay turned out to be an excellent choice.

Peking duck with lychee pancakes

片皮鸭荔枝么么皮 Peking duck with lychee pancakes

OK, it’s not exactly half a duck. I think some of the duck was shared with the dim sum buffet. But the lychee crepe turned out to be master stroke for their Peking duck. The sauce was so-so though.

鸭二度 – 斩件堂吃
Chopped Peking duck meat to served

鸭二度 – 斩件堂吃 Chopped Peking duck meat to served

Because there’s a lobster noodle, the duck meat was served as-is without further customisation like shredding it and frying it with e-fu noodles. But the duck meat was really tender and it really could stand on its own as a course.

Double-boiled black chicken soup with sea coconut and sea conch

The black chicken consommé was flavoured with dried sea coconut and dried conch. It has a nice coconut fragrance with umami from the conch.

Crispy prawns in chilli sauce/fried buns

辣椒虾球炸馒头 Crispy prawns in chilli sauce/fried buns

The large sea prawns were cooked with a sauce usually found in Singaporean chilli crab and the result was pretty decent. Paired with the fried mantou, you can almost believe you are having chilli crab.

Crispy Soon Hock Fish in Light Soya Sauce

油浸顺壳鱼 Crispy Soon Hock Fish in Light Soya Sauce

This is one dish I always order in a seafood restaurant because you cannot do this at home, not with household cookware. You need a large wok with lots of oil for deep frying. They did a very good job – the fish was crispy, and the sauce was just right, not too salty or too sweet to overpower the freshness of the fish.

Wok-fried Green dragon chives and bean sprouts with fragrant garlic

蒜香银芽青龙菜 Wok-fried Green dragon chives and bean sprouts with fragrant garlic

Usually stir-fried with squid or prawns, this was done as a simple stir-fry.

Stewed lobster noodles

龙虾焖伊面  Stewed lobster noodles

The main course was a whole Boston lobster with braised e-fu noodles. We loved this main course.

Chilled peach gum dessert

桃胶炖桂圆肉  Chilled peach gum dessert

This cold dessert has become rather popular in restaurants recently. Peach gum is a natural hardened resin from peach tree. It is doubled boiled in dried longan soup and served cold, a fantastic dessert for a hot day.

Dim Sum

It was my sister’s birthday, and we ordered an order of 壽桃 Longevity or Peach Buns with lotus seeds paste filling. Princess wanted the really cute yellow duck buns with nutella filling. Not really fantastic because the bun to filling proportion is really off.

The design of the restaurant seeks to make the most of the impressive waterfront view of the Marina Bay, taking on nautical references in its design. The setting is reminiscent of a ship deck, with its modern palette of relaxing neutral tones, light oak floors, and a feature wall of round mirror ‘portholes’. The corporate colour of aquamarine further accentuates the ‘water’ theme. A live seafood tank at the entrance allows customers to select their catch of the day before it is freshly prepared for them.

The place is very popular because of its all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet, and reservation is based on two seatings for lunch. If you are going for a la carte menu, remember to tell the manager when you are making a reservation. Perhaps you can even move up the queue when an available table comes along.

Majestic Bay 冠華
Below Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay
(Next to escalator No entrance fee required for dining at Majestic Bay)
18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-10 Singapore 018953
Tel : 6604 6604

Date Visited : Mar 2021

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