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Basilico @ Orchard

Basilico had a legendary buffet lunch on Saturdays. Since the Circuit Breaker, buffets were not allowed for hygiene purpose. But Basilico still serves Italian fine dining for dinner.

Basilico opened at Regent Singapore 12 years ago, and soon established the reputation to serve the best buffet in Singapore – prosciutto and melon, live foie gras station, cheese room, and all those desserts. The only complaint was that they never served oysters as part of the buffet. A lot has happened over these 12 years. Three chefs, each from a different part of Italy, came along with their own arsenal of culinary skills and steered the restaurant to greater heights.

Open Kitchen

Everything is prepared in their open kitchen under the close supervision of Chef Luca Beccalli, who took over from Chef Angelo Ciccone who has left his marks all over Basilico. He has been promoted to the Executive Chef of the Regent. Even when they were serving buffets, everything was prepared a la minute.

Fruit de La Mer – seasonal fresh seafood

During this period, they had a special seasonal fresh seafood special that can be prepared in any way you wanted, even the really complicated salt-crusted baked fish. Will try this another evening, when I am not so rushed for time. This was available at a small premium when you order it as the main course of their set dinner. The course of the set dinner menu came directly from the a la carte menu, with the best selections available as choices when you pick an appetiser, a main course and a dessert or cheese plate for three-course, and dessert and cheese plate fir four-course.

Daily Bread

The bread was served promptly once the order was placed. Bread tonight was soft buns with extra virgin olive oil and black olive pesto.

Antipasti – Appetiser

If you thought the serving portion for the set dinner would be smaller than a la carte, think again.

Antipasto All’Italiana

Antipasto All’Italiana

Italian Selection of Antipasti: 24 month-cured Parma Ham, Milano Salami, Pistachio Mortadella, Prosciutto Cotto, Aged Parmesan Cheese with Truffle Honey, Putignano Burratina, Buffalo Mozzarella with Heirloom Tomatoes, Wild Rocket, Marinated Artichokes, Smoked Alaskan Salmon and Marinated Vegetables

When this antipasti platter was served, I asked if this was for two persons. It was almost like what I would put on my buffet plate – a bit of everything. And the sweet balsamic glaze with rockets turned out to be my favourite.

Crudo di Tonno

Crudo di Tonno

Black Pepper-crusted Yellow Fin Tuna Tagliata over “Sand of the Sea” and Seaweed with Honey Sauce Reduction

Very beautifully plated, but a very sparing course. Four pieces of seared tuna on a bed of flavoured crumbs with seaweed and mesclun. I would rather choose another appetiser. Should have picked their burrata as Basilico is famous for cheese.

Zuppa – Soup

Caciucco di Frutti di Mare

Caciucco di Frutti di Mare

Tuscan-style Seafood Soup with Mussels, Clams, Calamari, Prawns and Toasted Ciabatta Bread

This was an a la carte order as the soup choices in the set dinner was not very exciting. The cioppiano-style seafood was split into two portions at our request as we would not be able to go through the three-course dinner with a full portion of the soup. It was very generous serve of seafood with a warm delicious tomato-based soup.

Main Course

Risotto alla Pugliese

Risotto alla Pugliese

Carnaroli Rice cooked in Brodetto Broth with Lobster, Scallops, Tiger Prawns, Prosecco and Green Asparagus

Risotto alla Pugliese was one of Executive Chef Ciccone’s creations. While risotto traditionally hails from northern Italy, Ciccone who hails from the south of Italy puts his spin on it by loading it with the region’s famed seafood – lobster, scallops and prawns plus a dash of prosecco for some added brightness and brodetto for that sweetness from fish stock. We thought the black strip across the plate was part of the ceramic. To our surprise, it was black squid ink and the salty umami was complimentary with the risotto. For a final decadent touch, this diet-busting treat is topped with a dollop of caviar.

Tagliata di Manzo

Tagliata di Manzo

Black Angus Beef Sirloin, Cannellini Bean Puree, Amarone Wine Reduction and Sunchoke Chips

Instead of their signatures wagyu beef lasagna and focaccia con tartuffe nero e robiola, we ordered the sirloin. While it was done perfectly, the cut of meat was not top quality. With such good technique, it could really help with a proper cut of meat.

Dolci – Dessert

Piccola Pasticceria

Piccola Pasticceria

House Made Miniature Dessert Selection, Sorbet and Ice-cream from our Executive Pastry Chef Alex Chong

The dessert sampler was very generous with six tasting size portions of different types of sweets. The selection changes with the season, but the tiramisu is always available. It was really very good. But we really liked was the custard puff.

Rum and Raisin Gelato

All the gelato are prepared in house. The rum and raisin has very distinct taste of rum in the ice cream with big bits of yellow raisins.

Il Formaggio

Il Formaggio

Chef’s selection of Italian Hard and Aged Cheeses with Truffle Honey

One cannot come to Basilico and not try their cheeses. It has a dedicated cheese room, a turophile’s paradise with its 40 cheese varieties alongside accompaniments of bread sticks, dried fruit and the most deliciously fragrant truffled honey. The platter came with four types of cheeses with truffle honey. That was the piece de resistance.

Italian Hard and Aged Cheeses

Basilico is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that has a prop[er cheese room and makes its own infused cheese like Marzolino di Pienza alla Birra e Orzo, Pecorino Romano with Amarone Wine. Unfortunately the infused cheese was not served with the platter.

The Restaurant

Excellent wine collection

The décor at Basilico was swish, swank and stylish, with a bold and extensive wine collection to match. It could be just me, but I found the service to be better since the Circuit Breaker happened. They were very accommodating to our requests and disappeared when we needed privacy.

It is a very good Italian restaurant, made better with the Amex Platinum Love Dining offer since Jan 2021. I guess this would be a regular haunt for my Italian cravings. (Just sharing a good deal, this is not a paid endorsement.)

Level 2 Regent Singapore,
1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715
Tel : 6725 3232

Date Visited : Mar 2021

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