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Supply & Demand @ Orchard

My Princess has grown up. She has gone out for a meal without me. And she came back with food porn of her own. Time for me to hand over the reins.

Inspired by the trattorias and pizzerias of Italy, Supply & Demand is a restaurant chain that serves classic Italian pastas and thin-crust pizzas, with fusion selection of Southeast Asian contemporary dishes. For the health conscious and those with a sweet tooth, they have healthy salads and decadent desserts. Sounded strange to our salads and desserts in the same sentence, but that’s what a lot of my friends are doing these days. “Aiyoh, fattening la, I will have a salad. BTW, the chocolate mousse looks good too….”

Pork Sausage Platter

Selection of pork sausages served with asian spicy dip and mustard

I liked the way they described a chilli sauce as asian spicy dip. Princess said the sausages had the crunch and were very juicy. And when you are fighting food with friends, they tasted especially good. Ahh, Daddy knew that feeling….

Melted Raclette Cheese Fries

Sinfully delicious fries, drizzled with aged cheddar sauce, topped with melted raclette, mozzarella cheese, sliced red onions, parsley and shaved parmesan

Another favourite among the teenagers, soggy fries. Reminded me of those days when we would pile all the fries we had in McD on a single tray and drizzled all those packets of chilli sauce on them.

Spaghetti Al Funghi

Mushroom and truffle infused cream sauce with farm mushrooms and parsley

Princess’ main course, she was too polite to take photos of the rest. At least they didn’t try to pass them off as wild mushrooms. You know we all have been warned about eating mushrooms in the wild.

Hawaiian Pizza

An American classic, tomato sauce, mozzarella, gammon ham and pineapple chunks

Princess’ favourite pizza topping, must order whichever pizzeria she goes to.

S&D Italian Style Tiramisu

Signature dessert handmade with fresh egg yolks, whipped sugar, premium French cream, Italian mascarpone cheese, Italian espresso soaked savoiardi fingers, cocoa powder and two kinds of liqueur

Unicorn Fart (the rainbow cake)

Handcrafted layers of moist flamboyant sponge cake drizzled with salted caramel, topped with colourful sprinkles nee the whipped cream

Creative name for a rainbow cake, only a unicorn can fart rainbows if you know what I mean. Watched too many episodes of my little ponies. She loved the Tiramisu served in a jar.

Princess was all praise after she had dined there, and said we should go again. Their modern yet eclectic menu, hip dining spaces and casual ambience makes dining at Supply & Demand perfect for any occasion. The a la carte menu is extensive, so there will always be something that the whole family can order from, including Orh-nee (Teochew mashed yam dessert) for Granny.

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Rd, #02-13/14 Orchardgateway, Singapore 238858
Tel : +65 3138 2503

Date Visited : Mar 2021

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