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Since the first time I brought back Shake Shack burgers from Jewel, Princess and I wanted to try it at the store. This was the first time in a Shake Shack store in Singapore anywhere.

Firstly, the queueing was a mess. There’s different groups of people huddling around the storefront – delivery guys waiting for their orders, the takeaways clients – all circling around the front of the store. We have to be let it to order for dine-in because of crowd control – we were let in only when a table was available.

Chic Decor

Like the rest of the Shake Shack they have the large video screens featuring digital art.


They have self-service counters and a service counter. It was almost impossible to work on the self-service counters with a nuclear physics degree. So I went to the service counter. And a lot of items were not available – hot dogs (the signature item that they were founded on), Chick’n Bites, Cheese Fries, Shack Attack (brownie). And it was only 5 pm.


I ordered the classic ShackBurger, which is an American cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce, and I upgraded it to a double patty option. The burger was soggy and the sloppily assembled. While it was smokey and tasty, the burger was not much of a gourmet burger that they claimed to be.

Shack Stack

Princess wanted to try their crisp-fried portobello mushroom, so she got the Shack Stack, which is a cheeseburger combined with a ‘Shroom Burger with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce. She could not bite through the portobello, and again the buns were mushy and the burger did not have any structural integrity.


And as if it could not get any worse, the Crinkle Cut Fries were a disaster. They tasted musky, like mouldy potato, dry and not tasty.


We had to settle for Pie-Oh-My, a vanilla custard blended with chopped up pieces of pecan pie by Cheryl Koh. Should I be excited of this match-up? Who is Cheryl Koh and what’s so good about her Pecan Pie?

Cheryl Koh is the celebrity pastry chef from Tarte at Shaw Towers and her pecan chocolate tarts were heavenly. But the custard killed the pie.

Don’t bother

Definitely not worth making a detour to go there for burgers. Carl’s Jr in Marina Square was better.

Shake Shack Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-357 Suntec City Singapore 038983

Date Visited : Apr 2021

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  1. AgnesChew

    Hi Jerry, the one in Jewel is pretty good. They have self-order kiosks now and your princess can try out their hand washing machine. Quite cool…:-D

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