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Swensen’s @ Causeway Point

Sweet memories of warm vanilla ice cream. That was my lasting impression of Swensen’s.

When I was little, I went on a school trip to visit the ice cream parlour Swensen’s in the old Changi Airport which is now Terminal 1. We were introduced the ice cream making process, and as a treat we were allowed to try the raw ingredient, which was vanilla cream before it was frozen into ice cream. I would remember that first encounter, like first love.

Swensen’s at Changi Airport

In those days, they were an ice cream parlour where you can buy ice cream by the cones for takeaways or sit now and enjoy their sundaes. And those SF trolleys inspired dining booths made me look forward to visit San Francisco.

View of San Francisco

Swensen’s was happy place. We spent many birthdays during my secondary school days sharing an earthquake sundae among friends. However these days, we would got to Swensen’s for a meal, rather than its ice creams. And I really hated the modern remake of the interiors.

Hot US Fries & Dips

My nieces and nephews were often treated to hot US fries & dips for family gatherings at the Changi Airport Swensen’s. It was served in a cone with three condiments (tartar sauce, thousand island and chilli or ketchup), but these days it came in a basket. Of course, McD’s fries are still the best fast food fries, but these would be a close second for me.

Grilled Fish Sambal

This is a local invention – grilled fish sambal. The fish is a piece of tilapia, and you would need the chilli sambal to give it any flavour. Served with two sides of your choice. Only if you are watching what you are eating, I would not recommend ordering fish at Swensen’s.

Farm Roast Chicken with Herb Gravy

This was how Swensen’s described their Farm Roast Chicken with Herb Gravy – “Super tender juicy quarter chicken elegantly seasoned with a heavenly blend of spices, roasted to perfection and served with our rich savory herb gravy.” This is how I would describe it – “Frozen chicken thigh roasted with soy sauce with a watery liquid passing off as sauce.”

Lamb Chops with Mint Jelly

The Swenson’s lamb chops with mint jelly reminded me of the hawker centre Western food stall lamb chops. Three pieces of really thin sliced lamb chops grilled to death – it was not the best lamb chops but it brought back all those memories.

Chicken in a Basket

I love their Southern-style fried chicken. Called Chicken in a Basket, it was three pieces of well flavoured and brined chicken deep fried to a crispy golden brown. The crust was salty and satisfying yet the chicken was juicy and tender. So far, only one place in Singapore has beat them in terms of crispiness and flavour, but their chicken was three times more expensive than Swensen’s.

Southern-style Chicken n Waffles

Princess has a panache with waffles and could not resist if she sees it in the menu. Southern-style Chicken n Waffles came with fried chicken strips and one really “well done” waffles drizzled with maple syrup.

Service at Swensen’s Causeway Point was really good. In fact, I have not dined in a Swensen’s with really bad service. Maybe it’s because it was always something that we were celebrating whenever we dined at Swensen’s. Sometime, you eat at a place because of the memories. 哥吃的是回憶。

Swensen’s (Causeway Point)
1 Woodlands Square #02-08/09 Causeway Point S738099
Tel : 6894 2086

Date Visited : May 2021

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