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Wild Turtle Soup @ Sembawang (Closed)

Do not be mistaken by the name on the signboard, no wild turtle is harmed in any way. All the turtles served here are farmed. And compared to crowd next door (Sembawang White Beehoon), this place seemed a bit quiet.

Shrimp paste chicken wings

Not much of a shrimp paste taste, but still a very tasty fried chicken wings.

Turtle soup

The signature dish here is their turtle soup. Very tasty and sticky with collagen. There was quite a lot of turtle skirt which is rare, because other stores would be really stingy with this. I recommend their yam rice instead of the plain rice. (PS: they stopped serving yam rice.)

White beehoon

As a spillover effect, many asked for white beehoon, which I find to be better than the ones at SWBH.

They served quite a good selection of Tzechar dishes, like potato leaves and other stir-fry. One of my favourite eateries in the north.

Wild Turtle Soup (renamed as Food Odyssey)
20 Jalan Tampang, Singapore 758964 (opp Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Tel : 6257 5181

Date Visited : Dec 2018

PS: The shop underwent renovation and called themselves Food Odyssey, and because of the spillover crowd from SWBH, this place can get very crowded during meal times.

PS [2021/10/28]: Another eatery bites the dust during Covid-19. Now there’s no more turtle soup in the North of Singapore.

2 comments on “Wild Turtle Soup @ Sembawang (Closed)

  1. Nice one! Have not I stumbled on Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant through its website at first, I probably had dined at this one in my last Singapore visit. I mean, both have turtle soup, but white beehoon at Food Odyssey really looks like a must-try.

    • Ser Seng is a steward of the turtle soup in Singapore and is more centrally located. This one is too far away and not as good as Ser Seng.

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