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It’s A Dog’s Life

This was the first time the whole family (including my furry child) went out together for a meal. And thankfully we had a pet-friendly cafe near my place.

Pet Cafe

The Urban Hideout is a pet-friendly human-catering cafe that has everything the pets and their human slaves can enjoy on the menu.

Small interior

The inside can only seat around 20 persons and their pets. So it is highly recommended to reserve if you want Furry and yourself to enjoy the air-conditioning. Else you sit outside like me in the sweltering 36˚C heat and humidity of tropical Singapore.

This was Rosie’s first outing with us, and she was reasonably well-behaved. Besides the initial excitement of seeing other four-legged friends, she settled in and waited patiently for her food to be served. I was surprised that she didn’t even bark at the wild rooster that decided to cross the road.

Pet’s Menu

They offer a short half-page of pet’s menu, which included fish, chicken and beef. Everything was not salted and prepped with Doggy’s health in mind. But eating out for Rosie will be a hit and miss affair as she is quite picky with her food. Turned out she didn’t like the beef cubes on offer. She chewed on a couple of pieces and then decided to give up.

Family of Toy Poodle

We happened to see a family of Toy Poodles having a gathering at the cafe. The brown poodle is the daddy and the smaller sized black poodle is the mommy. The children inherited the size of the daddy but the colour of the mommy. The puppies were all adopted by others and they often have a gathering here at the cafe. Outnumbered, Rosie decided to stay by our side.

Human Food

Besides catering to the flurry babies, the cafe offers an extensive brunch and main course menus for the human slaves.

Linguine Truffle al Funghi

Princess went for her favourite pasta, the Linguine Truffle al Funghi, which was supposed to be a mushroom sauce. She complained that it was rather dry for a pasta, as it was paired with sautéed mushroom instead of a cream sauce as written in the menu. She took my stew and poured it on the pasta. Facepalm.

Grilled Chicken on the Chop with demi glaze and mash

My sister ordered the Grilled Chicken on the Chop with demi glaze and mash as it looked like a generous portion. It was alright, portion wise, and she could finish it on her own.

French Beef Bourguignon

I ordered the French Beef Bourguignon which was rather watery. The beef was well stewed and fork tender, but the stew itself was not hearty enough. Served with a side of steamed rice, I could do with some tasted baguette instead.

Cappuccino with an extra shot

I order an iced cappuccino with an extra shot, but was served a hot cappuccino. The waitress realised the mistake (as she was the one that took my order), but I was in a good mood and just accepted the mistake. Luckily the extra shot was in the coffee.

Hot cocoa

My sister grew to have an affinity with hot chocolate lately, so she ordered the hot cocoa. She didn’t like it as it was made with single original cocoa and she was expecting a more generic hot chocolate. I cannot blame the cafe as it was good chocolate according our resident cocoa expert, Princess.

Waffles and Ice Cream and one extra scoop of Ice Cream

The waffles and ice creams were delicious. The classic vanilla had speckles of vanilla pods to showoff the fresh ingredients used while the milk and honey was creamy and luxurious. The waffles were crispy on the outside and moist and soft inside, very well made and fresh. But it came with only one scoop of standard flavour ice cream. And they got our order wrong once again. We asked for chocolate sauce, it came with maple syrup (which I hated btw).

Food wise, it could do a lot better. But for a lazy weekend morning with the four-legged pal, this place was pretty good as it had parking. However, if the weather is hot, do get an indoor seat. And the heat didn’t get you, the mosquito will have a go at you.

The Urban Hideout
60 Springside Walk #01-05 The Brooks 1
Singapore 786020
Tel : +65 8879 9722

Visited in May 2022

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