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Once in a while, a friend recommends you to a restaurant he/she really likes, and when you try it, you totally hate it. This is one of those.

Oxalis is a French fine dining restaurant that recently opened in residential area in Pyrmont away from the The Star casino. There is much foot traffic and getting there may be a challenge. Friends know that I would travel great distances for good food, so the location is not a problem.

Firstly, a couple of items on the menu was not available, like the oysters and steaks. I can understand that rock oysters were out of stock or of bad quality because of widespread flooding in NSW. But no steaks?

Abrolhos Island Scallops

Golden Kiwi | Kaffir | Black Lime

Abrolhos Island Scallops | Golden Kiwi | Kaffir | Black Lime

The Abrolhos Islands scallop fishery is the first in Australia to receive sustainability certification from the internationally recognised Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). These scallops are not exactly the best, and this characteristic was apparent in this lack lustre starter. The dressing was too sour and covered the sweetness of the scallops and the kiwi fruit also interfered with the natural taste of the mollusc. The worst part of the dish was the fried nori sheets – they were so chewy that I just gave up. They should just roast them to get the crispiness.

Coral Coast Barramundi

Mushroom Beurre | Glazed Witlof | Savoy Cabbage

Coral Coast Barramundi | Mushroom Beurre | Glazed Witlof | Savoy Cabbage

My first choice (200G Mbs 6+ Tajima Wagyu Rump) was sold out. I decided to go healthy and ordered the barramundi. It took them almost another 30 min after I have finished the starter before the fish was ready, and even so when it was served, the fish was already cold. The wimpy cabbage was like kimchi but really weak. The burnt witlof (another name for endive) was rather sad, and the only thing tasty on the plate was the mushroom beurre.

Red Oak Lettuce

Baby Gem | Yuzu

Red Oak Lettuce | Baby Gem | Yuzu

This was the must disappoint lettuce salad that I got from a fine dining restaurant. It was just dressing on washed lettuce.


There was only one person manning the front of the restaurant. The pace was totally off as I waited for a long time after appetiser. The restaurant did not have air conditioning and got really stuffy. I just paid and get out as quickly as I could. Disappointed.

Oxalis Dining
Shop 2/42-44 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia
Tel : +61 2 82334200

Date visited : Mar 2022

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