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Let Them Eat Cake

I always organise a Brazilian Churrascaria for my company gathering because the boys love meat. But this one turned out to be a smorgasbord for dessert.

Churrascaria is the Portuguese and Spanish name for grilled meat. A Churrascaria is a traditional Brazilian restaurant where meat is cooked Churrasco style and served in a Rodízio style. 

In the Rodizio style buffet, the meat keeps on coming until you have enough. And boy, there were a lot of meat.

There were plenty of drinks and appetisers, and a really delicious and warm Brazilian cheese bread (Pão de queijo). It’s similar in texture and flavour to the French gougere, except it’s made with tapioca flour, which makes it pleasantly chewy and super soft.

And then when we ordered the ala carte desserts, we were blown out by their deliciousness.

Cream Caramel

Caramel dome and sugar cane syrup

Pudim de Leite Condensado

Underneath the sugar dome was a caramel pudding floating on a pool of caramel syrup. Diabetics not recommended.

Chocolate Fudge

Crushed Brazilian peanut candy (pé de moleque), mixed berry compote & vanilla ice cream


A very rich, dense and sweet chocolate fudge pudding with crushed pé de moleque, which is quite liked the Chinese peanut candy 花生糖, and slight balanced with the sour compote.

Pina Colada Delight

Coconut panna cotta, rum raisin tullie & pineapple consommé.

Pina Colada do Sucesso

Deconstructed pina colada, but if you mixed it all together, you get the same.

Mini-Churros Stuffed w/ Doce de Leite

Served w/ vanilla ice cream

Mini-Churros Recheados com Doce de Leite

My favourite among the lot, little bundles of joy with their cinnamon taste and dulce de leche filling. Yummilicious.

So we came for the meat and ended up impressed with their sweets. The service was equally sweet. I wished the meat could come at a faster pace, and it being a weekday evening, the variety on offer was limited. But we still enjoyed the casual and boisterous atmosphere that we came to love of a Churrasaria.

Braza Churrascaria
Darling Quarter, 1-25 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tel : +61 2 9572 7921

Visited in Jun 2022

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