Eating at Sydney Chinatown

After two week in ANZ, I was craving for some Chinese food on the last day in Sydney. I took the newly minted city tram to Haymarket and started walking around, looking for a place to eat.

Firstly, the reverent Marigold has shuttered its door. Many shops were still closed. The place was not the bustling and hustling Chinatown I knew and loved. I should have left it as that and went for something else. But I decided to give the lesser visited eateries a chance.

After walking a few blocks, I finally settled into a Chachanteng 茶餐厅 . These small eateries originated from Hong Kong are one of the best and economical place in Sydney to get a good Chinese meal. I promptly ordered a braised beef brisket rice, which is an item that you seldom go wrong. It was the worst I ever tasted. I almost left the whole thing untouched.

Roast pork belly and roast duck

And the HK-style BBQ roasts were reheated using the microwave. The pork belly was so salty, I left the plate almost untouched. You can imagine the shock on the face of the waitress when I replied ‘No’ when she asked me if I wanted to doggy-bagged the remaining food.

Lesson learnt.

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