Genji @ Petaling Jaya

From Hilton KL we came to Hilton PJ. And for lunch we came to the Japanese restaurant which was supposed to be quite good according to the locals.

Genji is the Japanese in Hilton PJ. It was a working lunch, so we just ordered the set lunches hoping to finish it within the hour.

The sashimi would only qualify for serving in a supermarket Japanese restaurant. However, by saying that I felt bad for the supermarket Japanese eateries because some of them were actually so much better than here.

Teppanyaki Set

The portion looked ok, but the mussels were stale and bland, the prawns overcooked and cold, and the salmon teriyaki was horribly done. Even the sautéed cabbage looked tired.

Tempura Set

The tempura set looked better, but it took the longest to be prepared. A whole hour to be exact.

Special lunch set

The lunch set also look ok, but I could already sense that this was not going to be tasty.

Not coming back anytime soon.

Genji Japanese Restaurant
2, Jalan Barat, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Visited in Jun 2022

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