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Thu Hang Beer Restaurant @ Hanoi

Going to a biergarten in the afternoon for lunch? Kind of strange but this was the only thing opened at 3pm when we landed in Hanoi

An almost empty place

Located directly opposite JW Marriott Hanoi, Thu Hang Beer Restaurant is a biergarten that served local cuisine. Quán Bia Thu Hằng is a common term used for biergarten in Hanoi, so you will see many places call the same.

Roasted peanuts with the skin still on

One of the thing we noticed was the amount of peanut skin on the floor – not shell, but skin. It seemed that the locals like to eat their peanuts without the skin but enjoy the process of rubbing it off themselves.

Bò Cuốn Lá Cải | Cabbage Roll Beef

Bò Cuốn Lá Cải | Cabbage Roll Beef

The first dish that came was a plate of boiled beef. I was taken aback because the beef was tasteless but then the rest of the dish came.

 Bánh Đa Nem | Rice Paper

Then the waitress brought a pack of rice paper (Bánh Đa Nem) for us to wrap the beef with cabbage and other herbs and vegetables.

Vegetables and fresh herbs for wrapping the rolls

The Vietnamese diet is very healthy. It has a lot of vegetables and herbs and almost everything is boiled or poached.

Wrapping everything with the rice paper and dipping in sauces

You take whatever you like and wrap it like a spring roll. The taste will come from the condiments and dips.


There were many different sauces provided, all with different degree of spiciness and heat. The most deceiving was the soy sauce – it was laden with wasabi.

Quà Su Su Xào | Sautéed Chayote Buds

Quà Su Su Xào | Sautéed Chayote Buds

Chayote is a gourd like fruit that Teochew would used for pickling. But the budding leaves of the plant is really good eat. Quà Su Su Xào or Sautéed Chayote Buds is cooked with fish sauce and garlic, very crunchy.

Trâu Xào Rau Muống | Water Spinach with Water Buffalo

Trâu Xào Rau Muống | Water Spinach with Water Buffalo

I wanted to order kang kong, but got it sautéed with water buffalo instead. Trâu Xào Rau Muống or Water Spinach with Water Buffalo was really tough. Could not chew much.

Dê Xào Lăn | Stir-fry Goat Roll

Dê Xào Lăn | Stir-fry Goat Roll

Dê Xào Lăn or Stir-fry Goat Roll was really tasty with all the lemongrass and spices.

Gà Rang Muối | Fried Salt Chicken

Gà Rang Muối | Fried Salt Chicken

Gà Rang Muối or Fried Salt Chicken was not like the Chinese version. The chicken used was very lean and still had bones in them.


In the end, it was not really a good eat because a lot of stuff I wanted to order (BBQ and seafood) was not available at that time of the day. The environment was dirty and almost no English was spoken. But in the evening, the place transformed to a really nice place for people watching. Come only when you have a local friend or guide to help you.

Thu Hang Beer Restaurant | Quán Bia Thu Hằng
34 P. Miếu Đầm, Mễ Trì, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Tel : +84 982 906 166

Visited in Jul 2022

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