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Greenwood @ Sentosa

I was in Sentosa meeting a resident of Sentosa Cove who was working from home, and what a place to remote work! However lunch choices were limited if you decided not to go over to the integrated resort side of the island.

Greenwood Fish Market is a trusted brandname for their freshly chilled seafood towers and live shucked oysters. They run a western-style seafood market, and can also prepare the fresh catch of the day in a variety of way, just like St Peters at Sydney Fish Market

Mushroom Soup

Drizzled with white truffle oil

Mushroom Soup

Too thick and not well blended I felt.

Oyster Festival

Freshly shucked oysters from around the world

The annual World Oyster Festival returns for its eighth edition with a record number of 28 varieties. Not everything may be available due to supply chain issues and demand and supply. But there’s always a good selection on offer.

  • Coffin Bay – Meaty with a petite, well rounded shell. Clean, crisp and briny with a sweet finish.
  • NZ Rock – Buttery flavour and rich briny liquor, with a cucumber and watermelon finish.
  • Chef Creek – Ivory meats with black mantles. Prominent creaminess.

While the oysters were really fresh, I felt that the shucker had overdone the cleaning and lost most of the original liquor of the mollusc.

Spicy Seafood Marinara Linguini

Served with assorted seafood in a spicy tomato sauce

Spicy Seafood Marinara Linguini

You can choose a non-spicy version, which was not as good as their original spicy one. The amount of seafood was quite generous, but the sauce was subpar as compared to a proper Italian pasta place.

Fresh Fillets

With house sauce, salad and starch

Barramundi Fish & Chips

There’s the house fish and chips which used a frozen piece of fish fillet, or there’s the fresh fish option which you can pick from a choices of different fish. I picked barramundi for my fish and chips. You can further customised this with mashed potato. The garden salad was dressed with calamansi and cream sauce. The battered deep fried fillet of barramundi was flaky and nice, so was the house made tartar sauce.

It was one of the few choices that was opened at Sentosa Cove for a weekday lunch, so we could only pick from the limited choices. The place was almost empty, but I was pretty sure it would be a different case for the weekend. Would not make a trip just for the food as they have a more convenient location in Bukit Timah or delivered to your home via Oddle.

Greenwood Fish Market @ Quaside Isle
31 Ocean Way #01-04 Singapore 098375
Tel: +65 6262 0450

Visited in Jul 2022

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