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Muum Maam @ Sydney

Long trip and then I crave for something Asian. Luckily in Sydney, Australia, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to Asian food.

Muum Maam Barangaroo

Muum maam (pronounced as moom mum) was named after Thai slang for “little glutton” or (to eat) sloppily. Muum maam was established in 2010 at Surry Hills (closed permanently during Covid) and Muum Maam Barangaroo in 2016 as part of Sydney’s biggest food hub near the brand new harbour, at Barangaroo South. Head Chef Santo Bun, formerly head chef of Longrain, creates exciting new dishes regularly so you’ll find something different.

Moreton bay bug betel leaf w peanuts, lime, chilli & toasted coconut

Thai food is always surprising in terms of the combination of herbs and spices for each seemingly simple dish. Take this Moreton bay bug betel leaf with peanuts, lime, chilli & toasted coconut. Chef Santo took my favourite bugs and topped it with an Ehsan-inspired salad served on betel leaf for that minty, musky finish. Very yummy appetiser.

Steamed Scallop & prawn dumplings with ginger and soy sauce

Then he took something that is Chinese and gave it a Thai twist. Steamed scallop and prawn dumplings with ginger and soy sauce was served with lemongrass infused fish sauce broth. Wished the scallop and prawn filling was more.

Crispy pork belly, chinese broccoli & oyster sauce

Next, the Thai classic crispy pork belly, Chinese broccoli and oyster sauce. Thai kailan is one of my favourite vegetable, and I didn’t know that it is also known as Chinese broccoli. Anyway, the crispy pork belly remained crispy despite the stir-frying with vegetable and oyster sauce. Good wokhei.

Massaman curry of wagyu beef, sweet potato

If pho became better when served in Australia, the Massaman curry has benefited from the excellent beef you can get abundantly in Downunder. Massaman curry of wagyu beef, sweet potato was nice, not spicy and was surprised by how good sweet potato can become in a curry. A rice killer for sure.

It was a quick lunch but will definitely return as it’s just below the office.

Muummaam Restaurant
Shop 6/23 Barangaroo Avenue  Barangaroo NSW 2000 (Barangaroo Wharf no.1) 
Tel : +61 2 8252 0121

Visited in Aug 2022

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