Gyukaku Midtown @ NYC

Gyukaku is a yakiniku chain store that I enjoyed and trusted, but I stepped onto a mine recently in Midtown NYC.

I just watching a Broadway show and want to grab dinner/supper. Gyukaku was strategically located in the midst of the theatre district, so I went in and ordered a dinner set.

The first items came – beef sushi, kimchi and a salad. The salad was really sad looking.

Beef sushi

We were famished and chowed down on the sushi at double speed. OK, the sushi was not bad, slightly aburi and nice teriyaki taste.

And then the main courses came and we were totally disappointed by the poor quality of the meat presented. The unmarinated beef tasted weird too. All in all a place to avoid.

Gyukaku Midtown West
321 W 44th St #103, New York, NY 10036, United States

Visited in Aug 2022

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