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Ruth’s Chris @ Denver

Located directly opposite the hotel we were having our convention in, Ruth’s Chris was the obvious choice when the three of us wanted a quick and nice dinner to catch up after all these while.

The History

It all started in New Orleans. In 1965, Ruth Fertel, a single mom looking for an opportunity, saw a steak house for sale in the classifieds. She didn’t know much about restaurants or steak, but she took a chance and mortgaged her home to buy Chris Steak House. Ruth mastered all the ins and outs herself, from butchering and broiling steak perfectly to serving guests. From the opening day, the special sizzle she created was a huge local success. And almost 60 years later, that tradition continues.

Fresh bread with creamed butter

The bread was quite common, something to fill you up or whisk away time while you wait for the mains to arrive. This was promptly served once the orders were taken.

Excellent choice of wine

I have to complement my colleague from UK of his excellent choice of wine. This Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 from Napa by Freemark Abbey was really full bodied and aged well, and the tannin was not to pronounced, just the way I liked. Hints of peaches and apricots.

Potato au gratin

My friend ordered to share the potato au gratin which is diced Idaho potatoes with three cheese sauce served with toasts to scoop them up from the gratin.

Ruth’s Classics Menu

We ordered from the Ruth’s Classics Menu which is a prix fixe meal that included a starter, an entrée, a personal side and seasonal dessert.

Lobster bisque

I had the New Orleans style creamy lobster bisque, which was slightly spicy in a good way. I have always enjoyed their lobster bisque, but the spiciness did vary from store to store.

Surf and turf

I have a confession to make, this was the smallest steak I have ordered from Ruth’s Chris. My main course was a 11 oz Midwestern USDA Prime filet, marbled for flavour and deliciously juicy, coupled with a North Atlantic lobster tail served sizzling with drawn butter.

The filet was perfectly medium rare and served on a sizzling hot plate as always. But the lobster tail was not the best I had – Denver is really far from the ocean.

Sweet potatoes casserole with pecan crust

This Southern classic, sweet potatoes casserole with pecan crust, was nice, but I was trying to reduce the amount of carbs this trip. And specially for this evening, it was part of the set menu.

Creamed spinach

I don’t know what is America’s infatuation with creamed spinach and they have to order it at every steak dinner I have been to. As you can see, the personal side was enough to be shared by two, even three persons.

Grilled asparagus

The grilled asparagus was an ala carte choice and came with a hollandaise sauce.

Berries and cheesecake

Dessert was something from their regular menu – cheesecake with berries and mint. Delicious.


I have never been disappointed by the consistency of the service or steaks at Ruth’s Chris, having been to many of them. This outpost in Downtown Denver was not different.

White table cloth service

Remember to tip your excellent waiter; the service staff were not paid well and your tips will be much appreciated.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
707 15th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
Tel : +1 303-825-0713

Visited in Sep 2022

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