STK Steakhouse @ Denver

STK has many branches across US and even ventured outside to Dubai and London, so it could not be too bad.

Bar at the front of the house

The name is pronounced as “steak”, so it must a good place for steaks then. The crowd for a Saturday night helped to assure us that.

Coffee martini and Mojito

We ordered a couple of cocktails while we waited for our reserved table. They didn’t have it ready when we arrived on time. And the moment our cocktail orders were put in, the table magically appeared and we were led to our seats.

The Dinner

Bread with green chive oil

The pull-apart bread was freshly baked with bleu cheese butter and chive oil. The brioche was really oily with the melted cheese. And what’s with that green chive oil? Turned out to be magnificent.

Caesar salad with cracked peppercorn

When we placed the order for the caesar salad, I was surprised that they asked if we wanted cracked peppercorn on the salad. They were not good with salad as they made the salad sandy.

Porterhouse with lobster tail

The waiter suggested the umami butter on my dry-aged porterhouse. And then he asked if I wanted cracked peppercorn on my steak. Well, why not?

Flaming beef

After the steak was delivered, the server proceeded to blowtorch the butter right at the table. A nice spectacle, but it did nothing to the taste of the steak and I was surprised it did not totally melted the butter too. What did they use to make that butter?

Lobster tail

The highlight of the plate was the lobster tail. It was delicious and really fresh.

Perfect pink

Other than the butter and peppercorn, I would say they nailed the temperature of the beef and the doneness was accurately medium rare as well. It was a good piece of porterhouse.

Side of charred Brussels sprouts

We ordered a side of Brussels sprouts to share, and it was really good with a nice acidity from the balsamic vinegar glaze.

Freshly shucked oysters with cocktail horseradish sauce

The oysters came right at the end of the dinner. The waiter had completely forgotten about it and cheekily said he would go and check. These were not good oysters as you can see the liquid was not exactly clean and clear and some of the they were really puny.

Vibe dining, not for a quiet nightout

The decor of the dining room blended the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge into one, offering a dynamic, VIBE DINING experience. Halfway through our dinner, the music went up a notch and the crew came out with trays of tequila shots and flaming pyros in hand.

Tequila shots

At first I thought they were trying to push the sales of their shots. Then they were handed out for free to all the diners. Well, that’s the only thing that’s free that night.


I hated the fact that they charged for everything – butter over the steaks, cracked peppercorn on the salad; these should be included as part of the tasting experience. Other than that, the food was above average; besides the oysters, everything was quite good.

Red bull

However, the service was so-so, and the atmosphere was really loud. They need to work on their staff relationship. As I was researching for this piece, I found out that they were rated the worst among all their outlets to work for – only a 2.0 out of 5 while the rest were above 4. Very sad, as you can tell from the half-hearted service we got that evening. You are better off at Ruth’s Chris just around the corner.

STK Steakhouse
1550 Market Street, Denver, CO 80202
Tel : +1 (720) 597-8010

Visited in Sep 2022

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