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Princess and J go to White Castle

This was a memory from my youth – going to JB with my friends to eat those mini burgers from White Castle, just like Harold and Kumar did.

White Castle started in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas — decades before competitors A&W, McDonald’s or Burger King arrived on the scene. White Castle laid the groundwork for those chains, and it played a key role in making the hamburger synonymous with American cuisine.

The Columbus, Ohio-based chain is famous for its cheap, small burgers. It’s also widely regarded as the first fast-food hamburger chain in the United States. It remained relatively unknown, because they insisted of keeping the business with the family and not taking up debt. This foray to Las Vegas was one of the few rare times they worked with licensees.

The burgers are not big; they are about the circumference of a regular coffee mug. A meal will contain 2/4 burgers. They are also sold as a sack of 10, 20, 30, 100. The wonderful thing is that you can mix and match the different flavours for each other, like what we did 2 of original, cheeseburger and fish sliders.

The OG cheeseburger is their bestseller. A simple beef patty, American cheddar and sprinkle of chopped onions and single slice of pickle. You cannot stop at one, during my youth I can eat half a dozen or more at one sitting – they must have been a major contributor to my blocked arteries.

You can finish a burger in two bites. But the memories of biting into your first White Castle slider are unforgettable. Mine was at a shopping mall in JB, and the store was next to the skating rink. Four of us finished a sack of 20.

They are not the best tasting burgers from a fast-food chain, but there are a huge fan base called Cravers. And people will go to great length to lay their hands on one of these small bites. Princess and I originally wanted to go a prime rib place at Fremont Street, but because I walked past this White Castle, I couldn’t resist.

White Castle is testing the waters outside its Midwest and Northeast stronghold, with restaurants in Nevada, Arizona and China. Available at multiple locations 24 hours a day 🙂

Visited Jan 2023

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