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Fratelli Fresh @ Sydney

We were stuck in ICC for an exhibition and came out to catch a quick lunch with the business partners. Luckily there were some great choices for lunch around Darling Harbour.

Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour is a vibrant Italian food and dining emporium with high-quality, affordable, family-friendly menus, innovative bar offerings and hands-on gastronomic experiences that perfectly encompass the tagline ‘Fratelli Fresh, A Place For Everyone’. Already a well-established restaurant group in Sydney, Fratelli Fresh have spared no expense in creating an eatery at Darling Harbour that connoisseurs of Italian cuisine will relish visiting.

Located directly underneath the International Convention Centre theatre in the heart of Darling Harbour, Fratelli Fresh offers hand-tossed Neapolitan pizzas both classic and gourmet ranges; pasta includes well-known Italian favourites as well as house specialities.

Pepperoni Pizza

LP’s fennel pepperoni, fennel seed, tomato, mozzarella

Pepperoni Pizza

They have a legit Napolitan pizza oven in the restaurant with the firewood going strong. And the pizza that came out of that oven was nothing short of fabulous. The crust was thin that puffed up around the sides and provided for a very airy crust. The freshly made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese incorporated without burning and finally huge slices of pepperoni that were simply delicious.

Rigatoni Lamb Ragù 

Slow-braised lamb, tomato, chilli, grana padano, parsley

Rigatoni Lamb Ragù 

Grana Padano is a cheese originating in the Po river Valley in northern Italy that is similar to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, although they are not made in the same stringent requirements as the Parmiagiano.

Vodka Rigatoni 

Tomato, cream, chilli, basil, buffalo ricotta

Vodka Rigatoni 

Buffalo ricotta cheese is a fresh milk-dairy product obtained from buffalo milk whey. 

Pappardelle Wagyu Ragù 

David Blackmore wagyu ragù, grana padano

Pappardelle Wagyu Ragù 

It may not look much, but the wagyu ragù was delicious; the fats of the Australian wagyu rendered into the sauce and the pappardelle was coated with this delicious goodness.


A picture-postcard dining space with a vibrant atmosphere to match, Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour truly is a sight to behold. Pizza and pasta lovers will soon be singing the praises of the restaurant’s masterful chefs, as their ability to use traditional cooking techniques to produce dishes packed full of flavour is nothing short of exceptional.

Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour
Tenancy 2, 14 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour
Tel : +61 (02) 9259 5600

Visited Mar 2023

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