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SG Taps @ Duxton

We came for beer after work, but we ended up having a wonderful dinner.

Our sunny island isn’t exactly a hotspot for beer connoisseurs but we have much to thank for the recent, much-appreciated influx of bars that specialise in craft beers. Conveniently located at the historic Duxton Hill, SG Taps supplies the perfect spot for a cheeky midday pick-me-up or a casual after-work pint.

20 types of beer on taps

SG Taps is a specialist of craft beer in Singapore. 20 types of beer on taps are always available. But what was amazing were the Japanese-Local fusion food.

Vegetable Terrine 彩り野菜のテリーヌバクテー風味

with Bak Kut Teh flavour

Vegetable Terrine

Our hot weather did not justice to this terrine that melted within minutes of serving.

Only Eg Omelette

100% Plant Based egg

Only Eg Omelette

Couldn’t say I liked this but it’s vegetarian faux omelette. Need I say more.

Trippa With Focaccia トリッパのトマト煮込み フォッカッチャ添え

Simmered beef tripe with tomato. Served with focaccia

Trippa With Focaccia

The last time I had this was at Pinotxo in Barcelona. The tomato stew was a bit sweet and very Japanese stew tasting, if you know what I mean. However the bee stripe was so tender. This beef tripe stew brought back so much memories of the trip to Spain. The focaccia did not go well with the stew, would prefer some toasted baguette please.

Laksa Pizza ラクサピザ

Shrimp and clam with Laksa flavored paste

Instead of tomato sauce, laksa paste is used as the base sauce of the pizza. It is topped with clams and shrimps that were juicy and fresh.

Jackfruit Gyoza 揚げ餃子(ジャックフルーツ)

Fried dumpling with vegetable filling

Jackfruit Gyoza

The gyozas were fried to perfection and the jackfruit filling would confuse your palate that you are eating a meat filled dumpling. Yes, it’s that convincing. The accompanying soy sauce added more dimension to the gyoza with its citrusy tang. 

Beef Sirloin Steak サーロ ンステーキブルージンジャーソース

with blue ginger sauce

Beef Sirloin Steak

Good steak, but this wasn’t the right place of mood for steak. I loved the very Japanese style galangal infused soy sauce instead of the usual steak sauce.

Arabiki Sausage 粗挽きソーセージ

Japanese style juicy sausage

Arabiki Sausage

The sausage simply exploded in your mouth with juiciness.

Renkon Chips 蓮根チップス

Lotus roots chips

Renkon Chips

They ran out of gobo chips, so I went for renkon (lotus roots) instead. Delicious.

Four Cheese Pizza 4種のチーズのピザ

Gorgonzola, Camembert, Mozzarella, Chedder

Four Cheese Pizza

I enjoyed how thin and crispy the dough of the four cheese pizza was, and despite overloaded with cheese, it wasn’t overwhelming in terms of greasiness or saltiness. A very good cheese pizza indeed.

Mentaiko Spaghetti 明太子スパゲティー

Spaghetti with cod roe sauce

Mentaiko Spaghetti

It was meant to be shared, but I ate it all up. There was only a small ball of spaghetti that has been mixed with a creamy mentaiko sauce with a couple of slices of chorizo.

Nacho Chips ナチョス&サルサ

with Salsa sauce and creamy cheese

Nacho Chips

The only miss for the evening, perhaps the only thing that was unadulterated and I didn’t enjoy it before too.

Hirose Norihito, Owner of SG Taps

 We came for beer but we were so impressed with the grub. The owner, Hirose Norihito-san, has lived in Singapore for more than 10 years. Together with Chef Makiko, they take inspiration from our local cuisine food and recreate it with a Japanese spin.

Service was excellent, and you can sample the beer on taps before ordering like at an ice cream parlour. The food speaks for itself and I would be coming back again for sure.

SG Taps
13 Duxton Hill #01-01, Singapore 089597
Tel : +65 6904 8474

Visited Jun 2023

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