Goodbye, Anthony Bourdain

Was so sad waking up today morning and reading this really sad news. It’s was kind of melancholy, I was googling AB and Spain, hoping to look for the episode where he tried El Bulli, Espinaler and other wonderful Spanish delights.

Going through a tsunami of obituaries and goodbyes that followed, I came across this twitter post from Oswald Patton, where he asked Bourdain for advice for eating in Paris – Le Comptoire, Le Dome, Rue Moffetard, croissants…. Bourdain’s choices were varied, from a Michelin 3-star to simple croissants at a street café to watch the world goes by.

Oswald Patton / Twitter

You could read the love-hate relationship of Bourdain and Paris. He was a trained French chef, worked in a French bistro in NYC, wrote an exposé about the workings of the restaurant business, gained international fame, brought the dining tables to every TV around the world. Yet, he chose to end his life in Paris.

Depression is real. Don’t wait to look for help.


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RIP, Anthony, you will be missed. Nobody has influenced my food choices more other than my father.

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