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A review of 2018, 13kg later

I tried to maintain my weight in the 70s, but 2018 proved to be a challenging year. I was travelling 80% of the time, eating all those great food from all around the world. So as we say goodbye to 2018, what are the Top 10 restaurants that I have enjoyed?

#10. Wang Bao He 王寶和 @ Shanghai

Steamed crab

I love hairy crabs, and the best of the best would be Wang Bao He in Shanghai. The recommended must-eat is their mung bean noddles with crab roe.

#9. Dee Tongue Thai @ Golden Mile


Go before they complete their collective sales and tear down this place in Singapore. Golden Mile Complex, or Little Thailand for us, holds many gems, and Dee Tongue Thai is one of the finest. Love the Lad Nah there.

#8. Settebello @ SLC

The stuff you put on it

Salt Lake City is famous for many things, but maybe not pizza. But still, I managed to stumble upon a really good pizzeria that served authentic Neapolitan style pizza.

#7. Casa de Valencia @ Madrid

Segundo plato

My first trip to Madrid and I have the delight of dining at this historic establishment. Authentic Valencia paella.

#6. Bar Pinotxo @ Barcelona


Spain is the new capital of food in Europe and Barcelona is the creme de la cremes. And in La Boqueria is the legendary Bar Pinotxo. Tapas and beer, what else can you ask for? And Juanito Bayern? Legendary.

#5. Salted and Hung @ Bugis


Like the namesake, cured meat is the feature in Salted and Hung. Once a colleague complained to the waiter that their meat was too salty, and she answered,”That’s why we are Salted and Hung!”

#4. Open Farm Community @ Minden

General Tao’s Toad

Farm to table dining concept comes to Singapore in the form of Open Farm Community. Order the Jurong Bullfrog, you will not be disappointed.

#3. Ah Orh @ Jln Bukit Merah

豬皮凍 Pig Skin Jelly

Teochew food is my comfort food. Ah Ooh remained one of the stewards of the Teochew cuisine in Singapore.

#2. Shinzo @ Carpenter Street


Shinzo serves Japanese fine dining omakase style. So good I went there 3 times this year.

And now for my favourite of the year…. drumroll please…..

#1. Ugly Delicious

Nothing beats home cooked food. I thanked all my friends that let me into their homes this year while I travelled across the globe. From prime roast in Salt Lake City, to har cheong chicken wings in Singapore, to homemade Hainanese chicken rice in Sydney. I thank all of you for sharing your dining table with me.

Have a blessed 2019.







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