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Watami @ Causeway Point (Closed)

Why would I write a review of Watami – the chain Japanese restaurant that has outlets all over the world that the Japanese would bring me to even when I am in Japan? Service.

If you stay in Woodlands area, there’s only one shopping mall that you would go called Causeway Point. And there would be a variety of choices for food, but very limited. So Watami sticks out like a sore thumb not because it is bad, but it is actually one of the few restaurants in the mall that I would go for a second visit.

The food is standard Watami, but what I really praise about this particular outlet was the service staff, particularly the foreign staff that was working there. They were patient, helpful and when I dropped the entire pizza on the floor, they replaced it without another world even when it’s not their fault.

And of course, it’s really good value for money.

Watami Japanese Dining CWP
1 Woodlands Square #05-09 Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel : +65 6893 0955

Reservations accepted.

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