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Lei Gardens @ IFC

In Dim Sum capital of the world, there are few that can beat the accolades that Lei Gardens have received over the year. Since opening in 1973, they serve top quality dim sum and have since garnered 67 Michelin stars for its branches. This year 2019 they got another 2, one each for their Kwun Tong and Macau branches. I am sure they will get more when Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou updates their guides.

I have been to Lei Gardens many times, in Singapore (before they got their star) and Hong Kong. This was a visit to their IFC branch during its heyday when they got their consecutive 4th Michelin star.

Well, the food was as good as usual and the service was really prompt. I especially enjoyed their shrimp dumplings and cheong fun (steamed rice rolls), both had really light and thin rice skins that can only be handmade. And their fried radish cake had radish in it, while most other places you can only taste the starch.

The star was well-deserved but the prices had since risen to the same astronomical heights. Typically, one would spend around USD 35 per person for dim sum of this quality. Lei Gardens would average USD 50 upwards. They were more interested to sell their non-dim sum items, which was good no doubt, but one can only have so much for lunch.

Recommend to bring a business associate and an occasional treat for your loved ones. For the same price, there are really better dimsum in HK.

Lei Garden IFC
Shop No. 3008-11, 3/F., International Finance Centre, Central, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2295 0238

Date Visited : Mar 2013

Michelin HK 1 Star 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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