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Momofuku @ Las Vegas

If you like food programs, you would be familiar with Chef David Chang’s Ugly Delicious (on Netflix). Opened in 2017, Momofuku is the latest kid in town where extravagance is the norm and nothing follows the rule.

Momofuku was founded by him in 2004 with the opening of Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City. Credited with “the rise of contemporary Asian-American cuisine” by the New York Times and named the “most important restaurant in America” by Bon Appétit magazine, Momofuku now has restaurants in six cities and has gained worldwide recognition for changing the way the American look at Asian food.

And it may surprise you to know that Michelin-starred Chang is “nervous as hell” about his Momofuk opening, since he wants to be a locals’ favourite. He plans to judge his success against local favourite Raku. “I’m never going to be as beloved and intimate as Raku but I sure as hell want to try,” he shared in a magazine interview.

Shishito Peppers | smoked salt, lime

The dinner started with edamame and shishito peppers, smoked salt, lime. These are local version and have a stronger bit. Served with a wasabi mayo.

Yellowtail Sashimi – yuzu ponzu, basil, ginger

Yellowtail Sashimi – yuzu ponzu, basil, ginger has a whole slice of pickled ginger on the sliced basil. Not used to having the palate cleanser with the fish.

Calamari fry and tuna sushi

Calamari fry has sliced jalapeño on them and tuna sushi featured the zuke tuna (marinated tuna).

Unagi maki

Unagi maki was OK, I was quite disappointed by the sushi rice, it crumbled when you pick one piece of maki up.

Assortment of maki

Assortment of maki tasted exactly as written – an assortment of American-style maki with lots of mayonnaise.

Pork Belly – hoisin, scallion, cucumber

Pork Belly – hoisin, scallion, cucumber was nice, almost like grilled beef.

Tempura asparagus

Tempura asparagus and enoki mushroom was OK, the batter was not as light as the Japanese versions I had in Tokyo.

Wagyu Filet Mignon – marrow butter, Bonji vinaigrette

Bonji, “essence”, is a dark liquid made from single-variety fermented grains and made in the same general way miso or tamari is produced. Unlike traditional soy sauce, Bonji does not contain soybeans and has more depth and nuance than a traditional soy sauce. It is made into the sauce together with bone marrow that is used to accompany the Wagyu Filet Mignon – marrow butter, Bonji vinaigrette. Tender and tasty, it was the piece de resistance tonight.

The food was OK, the service was OK, quite disappointed with my first experience with Momofuku.

Momofuku – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Level 2, Boulevard Tower
3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109
(702) 698-2663

Las Vegas

Date Visited : May 2017

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