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Ginza Ogura @ Tokyo

Haneda Airport has a really nice area on the upper deck after check-in that emulates the old Edo street with restaurants and shops. Really good quick pitstop before leaving Japan as a lot of famous shops are represented there.

Ginza Ogura is a oden restaurant, oden is a Japanese dish including various ingredients such as boiled flat fishcakes, boiled eggs, radish, and konjac in broth. The concept of this restaurant is “flavors from the Kansai region made with ingredients from the Kanto region”.

おまかせおでん盛り合せ Assorted oden

おまかせおでん盛り合せ Assorted oden (seven pieces) – 大玉 specialty oden ball, だいこん/大根 daikon radish, 玉子 egg, こんにゃくkonnyaku, 厚揚げ fried bean curd, 若布/わかめ wake seaweed, ちくわ chikuma tubular fish cake. Very light and flavourful broth, umami from the konbu stock. Eat with the yellow mustard provided.

特上国産うな重 Unagi on rice

特上国産うな重 Unagi on rice・うな重 eel in teriyaki sauce・お吸い物 soup・お新香 pickles・デザート dessert. A very generous piece of eel. The sauce goes very well with the Japanese rice. Dessert was a really small piece of macha sweet with brown sugar.

Ginza Ogura Haneda 銀座 おぐ羅羽田国際空港店
〒144-0043 東京都 大田区 羽田空港 2 6 5 東京国際空港国際線ターミナル4階
Tel : 03-5755-9920

Date Visited : Jan 2015

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